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NFL (contract) Terms?

I'm not exactly sure what these terms mean in the NFL: franchise tag and holdout. Please tell me what they mean and also if there are other terms related to those please define 'em :D

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    A franchise tag is given to a player that a team wants to keep but wants to hold out on signing to a long-term contract. A player that is franchise tagged cannot be signed by another team but a team could trade for that player if they are willing to give up two first-round picks.

    A holdout is a player currently under contract that does not participate in team activities (including practice, training camp, in extreme cases games). Usually wanting a larger amount of money and years added to their contract is the reason.

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    I disagree. soccer could desire to be the only game WITH certain contracts. In the different activity in case you get harm in direction of appearing your activity you get compensated. It in order that occurs with the violent nature of soccer a great kind of situations you may't proceed your occupation. it is to not say there is not a lot of money in the kitty (look on the previous couple of television game in the country). the situation is the NFL has long gone to the shell activity with their earnings cap, touch words, and so on. to get out of paying gamers in what they be attentive to is the main fatal game so now all of it comes all the way down to in negotiation is the certain dollar determine quantity for a participant and the earnings cap hit for a team. there is by no skill any authentic objective of paying those monopoly figures carried out for "cap motives".

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