can antibiotics kill a dog?

My dog died 3 weeks ago and i totally blame the veterinarian because he said that she just has an infection and i gave her the pills for 6 days but she got weaker and weaker so i took her to him and he checked her and said that the infection is mostly gone...2 days after she started shaking i took her again and he said that she s alright the day after she starts vomiting and i call him and he says that its normal i asked him should i bring her he says no!!!!two days later she is dead because she couldn't pee anymore!!! i m sure that he killed her i mean if you are a doctor you should know the difference Between a dying dog and a dog with a simple infection!!!!im so angry at him i went there and screamed but he just didn't care and now i hate him even more i want to take her revenge!!!!!

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  • Gary D
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    9 years ago
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    I'm sorry to hear of your tragedy.

    It IS possible for antibiotics (overdose or allergy) to kill your dog, but it's also possible (and much more likely) that the infection didn't respond to the antibiotics you were giving her, and the infection spread enough to cause the dog to have septicemia (that's a bacterial infection of the blood). Septicemia is deadly and there really isn't much that can be done to stop it in either dogs or humans, once it gains a foothold in the bloodstream.

    Even a simple infection, if left untreated for long enough, can cause septicemia. Humans have died of it just from something as simple as an untreated strep throat infection.


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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    am sorry for your loss

    same happened to my 6weeks poor puppy

    she had a kennel cough

    the vet gave her antibiotics for 4 days

    during her cough she was fine apart from the cough after antibiotic the cough stopped but she become weeker and weeker lost her appatite and i think she developed renal failure

    the vet told me she develope parvo

    but she did not have diarrhoea or vomitting

    i think my vet was ignorant i really blame him

    but what we can do!!!

    all we have is the sorrow for our loss

    my poor baby she suffered from doctor ignorance :.(

  • 9 years ago

    If you think he was negligent get a lawyer and sue him. Don't take revenge, it will only lead to you being in trouble and it will not bring your dog back.

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