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Do you find teen pregnancy acceptable?

I'm asking YOUR opinion, and will state MINE.

My opinion:

If you have sex at such a young age, you should always take precautions. This includes birth control (there's so many types, find the right one), condoms, and the plan B pill if any accidents. If you take all precautions it's VERY VERY VERY rare you'll get pregnant. Especially if you find the right birth control. Somebody's excuse was "I was on antibiotics while on birth control which is why I got pregnant". That's pathetic. If you're on antibiotics then don't have sex until you're off them. Common sense. I know plenty of pregnant teens, and 5 of them have gotten pregnant the year after "16 and pregnant" came on MTV. I actually know one of the couples from the first season. In order to have a healthy happy baby, you should be mentally, financially, and physically ready. I find teen pregnancy totally un-acceptable. I don't believe in abortion, which is why i think people should take precautions. My boyfriends sister has had multiple abortions because she's allergic to latex...and refuses to use condoms even though all condoms aren't latex. She also has two kids, and is not doing too good. There's so many options to be safe, and if you're not educated about sex and pregnancy then DON'T have sex, simple as that. That obviously means you're not ready anyways.

Now that I stated my opinion, what's your take on it?

Note: Teen pregnancy from result of rape is a totally different topic, and I don't want to get into that.


Also, this is coming from a 17 year old who's been having sex since 14.

I've just been safe and educated myself on it.

Update 2:

Hmm, did I change my opinion? Or did I just state it in a way that people can't use against me. Exactly.

Update 3:

Note to the 41 year old who got pregnant as a teen. They obviously have much better birth control now, thank you.

Update 4:

Did you seriously just say birth control is no different than it was 30 years ago? LMFAO.

Yeah, different varieties. You know what that means? Different types.

Different types work for different people.

My God, some people just don't get it. Do some real re-search rather than perfecting your "best contributor" on yahoo answers, lmfao.

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    I agree. Couldn't have said it better myself. This show 16 and pregnant,also Teen Mom. I really don't think it shows how hard it can be for a single mother. One without an education,enough money for her child/children,the real 'goings on' when it comes to child support,and how teen romances fall apart after such a big change in one's life. Many,many times there are no happy endings. Especially for the young children involved.

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    I don't think it's unacceptable. I think it's sad so many *want* to have babies. I commend the mothers who take responsibility for their actions and raise their child. Teens today are far too uneducated when it comes to contraception and prevention. Everyone wants to preach abstinence, and that's not going to do any good. And that's coming from a former teen mom. I got pregnant at 17 years old. I was a senior in high school, and guess what, I finished school, had my child, and graduated 3 weeks after he was born. My long time boyfriend, and the father of my child, is now my husband. We got married when we were ready, not because I was pregnant. I went to college, and he was already in college. We've got degrees and we raise our children on our own, no pawning them off onto grandparents. I'm currently changing careers. My husband and I have 2 boys now, one I had at 18, one I had at 20, and I'm pregnant with our third and last child and due early April. I'm getting my tubes tied after I have this baby. And I'm 23 years old, my husband's 25. We're great parents, and we've been looked down upon by closed minded judgmental people all of our adult lives, and that's not right. Accidents happen. Yes, we should have used protection, but we didn't, and I'd never trade it for anything in the world, becasue my kids are my life. We have taken full responsibility and have been the best parents our kids could ask for. It's not often I pat myself on the back, but I know for a fact that my kids are happy, well provided for and loved more than anything in the world and I'm proud of that.

    And may I remind you that NO FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL IS 100% EFFECTIVE. So think about the risk YOU are also taking when engaging in sexual activity. It's less likely to happen to you, but there are people out there getting pregnant on birth control and condoms all the time. Before you go around judging others, just know that you are also taking a risk at getting pregnant. No one is perfect, and that includes you.

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    Wow, you've really changed your opinion since the last time your posted it...

    **The teen pregnancy rate has actually gone down since "16 and Pregnant" has aired. I dont think it in any way promotes teen pregnancy, i think it does the opposite. I shows just how hard it is and just how much they struggle.

    **Yes you did change your opinion. Stating it in a way people can't use it against you is still changing your opinion, and trust me, it cans still be used against you. Before you said that its impossible to get pregnant if you take precautions, which isn't true, it still happens and some people can't take hormonal birth control or whatever. You also said that it;s teens who aren't educated about how getting pregnant works are the ones that get pregnant and that you should be able to have sex unless you know how it works...there are plenty of teens who know how it getting pregnant works and use protection and still get pregnant!

    No birth control is 100%, only absitence is. Even you could get pregnant and i would totally laugh in your face if it happened.

    **Birth control isn't much different today as it was 30 years ago, it works just the same and is just as effective, the only difference is the varieties of birth control out there.

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    I don't know why you keep repeating this post really,you posted it before at least twice but keep leaving out details,i was posting a reply to it when it was deleted and then saw you had re posted but taken a lot out of it so i have copied and will paste my reply based on the last time you asked.

    Yes of course teens who are having sex should take precautions but that would not make pregnancy impossible although it would lessen it hugely but you are missing one point and that is that young teens are just that,young,immature and don't have the maturity to use contraception properly or to know how it works.

    You are stating your opinions very much based on your own life experience and not thinking about the bigger picture like the large part of society that have not had the education about these things that you have,a lot of parents wont talk about sex and contraception to their young teenage children because they cannot imagine that their own child would even be thinking about being sexually active yet never mind actually doing it.

    I disagree that if the parent raises the child it makes the teen a spoilt brat though,parents have a natural instinct to protect their children and to help them and that doesn't make anyone a spoilt brat,something you may one day understand when you have children of your own.

    would be far more concerned that by doing that it would remove the bond between the natural parent and the baby which is important however old the natural parent is but at least you could say that those teens will still hae a chance to further their education etc and gain decent employment although many do anyway.

    I am also a taxpayer and so is my husband,have been for many years but i do not begrudge the welfare system helping people in need,those people can contribute when they are able to do so and may even end up paying more tax than i do if their job is higher paid,frankly i am more annoyed at fraud in the welfare system but that is another story.

    It's easy to think of things in terms of black or white but you have to be more tolerant of wider society and not just think inside if the box that you live in yourself.

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    If you're are not educated and aware sex causes pregnancy then you aren't going to avoid it are you? you're going to have sex because you don't know it might make you pregnant, so there's another fall in your rant.

    You could use every form of protection on the market and still fall pregnant, there's ALWAYS a 1 in 100 chance, but I guess you know nothing about mathematics.

    A lot of teenagers ARE financially, physically and mentally ready, but you wouldn't understand that because you're naive.

    Once again, if you're not educated then you're not aware of the consequences, and thus aren't going to avoid doing something all our bodies have evolved to do!

    To counter that - It does fill me with rage when you get teenagers sleeping around and having abortion after abortion, there I will agree with you, that is not acceptable.

    EDIT: reading the previous questions you've asked, you're 17 and planning a wedding. I might be immature like you and say that is WAY to young to get married.

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    Im 18 & five weeks pregnant. I was on the pill & even took the plan B pill after an "accident", & it still happened. It just goes to show you that no matter how much you "educate" yourself, it can STILL happen. Why is everyone doubting teen pregnancies nowadays? If you think about it, decades ago women were getting pregnant at 14,15,16 etc, getting married & starting families at that young age, and that was the NORMAL thing to do. Just because its 2011 & not the 1900s or 1800s, its suddenly became unacceptable. Have your opinion on it, but the whole purpose of life is to recreate. & for you to judge these young women just because they slipped up & got pregnant at an age that is "wrong" is immature & unethical. You've been having sex since 14, & that is WAY too young to start having sex. Imagine what people thought about you! Newsflash, children are starting to have sex at 11,12, 13 years old, & judging them isn't going to stop them from doing it.

    Like i said im 18 & pregnant, & would not change it for ANYTHING:) I believe all babies are a blessing from god, and he wouldn't let you have a child if he didn't think it was your time to become a mother<3

    Source(s): Soon to be teen mom =)
  • I was a 16 yr old on the pill and using pregnant anyway. go figure. unacceptable, possibly. Gonna happen? yes.

    oh and Im 41 now with 4 kids, college educated and just fine thank you

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