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What are the regs on customizing your ACH?

I am the guy in my unit who likes to keep morale up through motivation and I wanted to know if anyone knew this because there is a claymore patch I would like to sew onto my ACH cover. I cant find anything on it. Would it be up to the commander? or is there an actual reg some ware (this is for army)?


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    Helmets cannot have patches as you describe. The helmet band can have Name, Blood Type, Battle Roster and Cat Eyes. You helment cover can have Rank and in some units a Unit ID (example 101st has card suits clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds).

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    You sew only what your unit authorizes on your ACH. Most units will either have nothing or their division patch. How would sewing on a picture of a claymore be motivating?

    Edit: JD roger that lol, "front toward enemy".

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    I hope you're not the type of guy that tries to keep motivation up by "forced fun".... Last time I heard someone say they like to keep unit morale up it was a butter bar and no one liked him.

    Anyway I hope you're not an MOS that leaves the wire, being tr only one with a patch on your helmet will make you look like a twix bar to a sniper

    It's ultimately up to your CoC, though I'd say it's a safe bet to say the answer is "no"

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    Wraeth, if he puts the image of the front of the claymore on the front of his helmet, it would tell him which way is forward.

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