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Good bike under 200 to go to high school next year?

next year im going to high and the commute is about 3 miles back and forth

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    Under $200 - new?

    Choice A) Keep saving.

    Choice B) Look through craigslist for a quality used bicycle. Look for brands such as Raleigh, Specialized, Trek, Giant, Cannondale, etc. Don't buy a second hand discount store bike!

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    Don't go for a 20" wheel with single speed. Those things are fun for other reason but they are not fun for a 3 mile ride. You don't want to spend 20 minutes on the commute, do you? So, find a multiple speed with smooth tires, like a hybrid at least, or a touring bike with panniers for the books, mudguards for those wet days.

    Think about this, If you can average 12 mph it will take you 15 min, if you average 18 mph it will take you 10 min.

    Buy a good used bike from your LBS.

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    Under $200? Maybe Schwinn Trail Way Hybrid Bike. I had one a while back before I took more interest in cycling, Yes of course it's basic, and a little bulky, but not bad for the price really.

    Depending on your high school, you might not want to bring a several thousand dollar bike anyways.

    (It's really cheaper than what the link tells you, at most big-box stores)

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    Its too good u can use it.

    Mongoose Spin BMX Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

    P roduct Features

    - Handcrafted Hi-ten jumping fork; sure-stopping front and rear U-brakes

    - 3-piece tubular crank set, alloy 48-hole hubs, and A-head machined stem

    - 4-piece Knee-saver handlebar; 20-by-2.125-inch black Jumper K-Rad tires

    - Mongoose Jumping large saddle with stitches; lifetime warranty on frame/fork

    - 20-inch BMX freestyle bike with handcrafted Hi-Ten Boy's Team series frame; for riders ages 8 and older

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    Start searching craigslist. All $200 will buy is a cheap discount store piece of junk. Better a good used bike than a crappy new one.

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