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Largest legal knife your allowed to carry in Florida?

hey, I wanna know how largest knife im allowed to carry without a license or anything in Florida, I think it's about a 4 in. blade but idk if it's bigger or shorter and can it be a fixed blade or duz it have to be folding? thanks!

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    Florida carry statute.}{

    790.001,01; * It seems dangerous to rely on this. L.B. v State 700 So.2d 370 (1997) suggests that a closed folder of 3.75" is okay, due in part to an identical AG opinion from 1951 (stating knives up to 4" are common pocketknives). However, that "common pocketknife" exception is only for the definition of "weapon". "Concealed weapon" in 790.001 has no "common pocketknife" exception as the "weapon" statute does; this distinction is presented in Baldwin v State, 857 So. 2d 249 (2003). State v. Ortiz, 504 So. 2d 39: a 4" folder may be a concealed weapon because determination of "common pocketknife" is a jury question. Folding knives must be carried closed: Walls v State 730 So. 2d 294 (1999), Porter v State 798 So.2d 855 (2001). A tactical knife may not be a "common pocketknife": J.D.L.R. v State 701 So. 2d 626 (1997). There is plenty of other interesting caselaw: 504 So. 2d 39 (1987); Nystrom 777 So. 2d 1013; State v. A.D.H., 429 So. 2d 1316 (1983); Simmons v. State, 780 So. 2d 263 (2001); Garcia v State, 789 So. 2d 1059 (2001). For legal status of icepicks and razors, see State v. Tremblay, 642 So. 2d 64 (1994) and Robinson v. State, 547 So. 2d 321 (1989)

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