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Marco asked in SportsBaseball · 10 years ago

What was the best and worst transaction this MLB offseason?

In other words what was the best and worst signing/trade this offseason.

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    Here are my best transaction so far this offseason (in no particular order)...

    - Baltimore

    The O's went out this offseason and rebuild their infield, getting Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy via trade, and signing Derrek Lee to a decent contract. With their young OF (Nick Markakis and Adam Jones) still intact, the O's seems to be the sleeper team in a tough AL East.

    - JJ Putz

    Putz is once again a closer, this time for a rebuilding D'Backs that couldn't hold a lead in 2010. It's a match made in heaven.

    - Brandon Webb

    Sure, he has one injury-plagued season, but Webb still has the stuff when healthy and the Rangers hope that he does.

    - Los Angeles Dodgers

    They didn't make any over the top deals, but they made some solid signing before the Winter Meetings (resigning Ted Lilly and Hiroki Kuroda, sign Juan Uribe) and after (getting back Jon Garland after a year away).

    - Adam LaRoche

    We talk about the Jayson Werth big contract, but nobody seems to pay attention to LaRoche (as expected). He brings another big bat and could have himself a good year with Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth batting in front of him, which means more RBI opportunities than he had in Arizona.

    - Chicago Cubs

    They need a power 1B (Carlos Pena) and got an ace also (Matt Garza). If Pena can get out of the "mendoza line", the Cubs could be in the thick of the race.

    - Milwaukee

    Give the Brewers credit for using their farm system to their advantage, as they use it to get Zack Grienke and Shaun Marcum. Both pitchers should benefit from an offense that seems to be under the radar.

    - Dan Uggla

    The Braves should have a nice offense with Uggla batting in the heart of the lineup, which already has Brian McCann, Chipper Jones, and Jason Heyward.

    - Victor Martinez

    The Tigers have finally got their number 5 hitter that can produce in the spot. V-Mart is expected to be the everyday DH for Detroit, which could mean better numbers.

    - Adam Dunn

    Another player that doesn't have to play defense is Dunn, who is also expected to be the White Sox everyday DH.

    - Adrian Gonzalez

    A-Gon wants to play for a winning team, the Sox needed a 1B equivalent to Mark Teixeria. It was a match that was destine to be together.

    and now, THE WORST...

    - Adrian Beltre

    The Rangers didn't really need Beltre, as their offense seems to be capable of producing offense without him. It was just a matter of sticking it to the Angels and an expensive one too. Now, they have two overprice 3B to play in one position and it seems to be risky at best.

    - Carl Crawford

    The majority has said that this is one of the best signing this offseason, but I'm one of the few that said he's not. For one thing, the Red Sox are one of the few teams that doesn't give green lights to baserunners that often, so there is a possibility of just a lack of opportunities to run for Crawford. Another thing is that with a loaded lineup, Crawford might not be incline to produce for power, given that he has Big Papi, A-Gon, and Youkilis batting behind him. His presence in the lineup is a difference maker, but be aware of how Curtis Granderson (a player similar to Crawford) produce in his first season in NY.

    - Both NY teams

    The Yankees had a PR nightmare with Jeter and the Mets did nothing. The Yankees overpaid for a setup man (Rafael Soriano), but it could benefit.

  • axtman
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    4 years ago

    You folks pronouncing the Angels had the excellent low season are delusional. Pujols is fine and all, however he'll simply worsen each 12 months from now till the tip. Count on that. Wilson is well, however he isn't probably the most elite pitchers within the recreation. I feel folks are pondering too tremendously of the Angels ... the Rangers are without doubt the TEAM TO BEAT within the AL West. Best low season? I say Marlins or Nationals. The Nationals made a few sneaky actions and in addition controlled Gio, at the same time the Marlins signed a few colossal title unfastened dealers. While I'm now not satisfied the Marlins will make the put up season this 12 months, they will be extensively multiplied if the likes of Reyes and J. Johnson can keep healthful. I additionally feel the A's have had the worst low season. Getting rid of a few fine pitchers, simply to signal an unproven Cuban participant, as good as a washed up Major Leaguer? Billy Beane is insane.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You mean my NY Mets aren'y getting mentioned for worst transaction? Things are looking up.

    There were a few good ones: Lee to Philly, Crawford and Gonzalez to the Red Sox, but Grienke to the Brewers could be the best one. The Phillies already have good pitching. I think Greinke makes more of an impact for the Brewers than Lee does for Philly.

    I agree that Jayson Werth's contract was too much and could be the worst signing for the money.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Best: Lee is definitely huge, but I really like the Brewers transactions of both MArcum and Greinke, that alone makes them a top contender in the Central, the Phillies were already big contenders.

    Worst: Adrian Beltre. The Rangers paid a guy coming off of 1 good year way to much money, especially at his age.

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  • 10 years ago

    Best "Transaction": Greinke/Marcum to the Brewers - improves glaring weakness with team (3rd worst ERA in NL in '10) without trading offense

    Worst: Jayson Werth - leaving a powerful offense that might have inflated numbers; Nats should have saved $ for another year; it's not like they are making a run at it this year (no healthy, good SPs)

  • 10 years ago

    Red: Soriano is only a set up man. The Yankees did need him but he's not going to have the kind of impact a starting player will have. One day Mo Rivera will fall off the cliff performance wise. He's getting older but Yankee fans seem to think he's ageless.

    I'll go with Gonzalez/Crawford by the Red Sox.

    Cliff Lee is close. The guy has been absolutely amazing in terms of walks to strikeouts. Did he even walk a left handed batter last year? I expect Lee to continue his success .

    Werth was pretty bad. He's a good player but that contract was off the charts.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Best: Uggla to the Braves for a utility guy and a low end reliever. I still look at that trade and I don't believe it. Files a huge need for the Braves ( they got one of the best power hitters in baseball ) and they gave up nothing to get him.

    Worst: The Jason Werth deal. He'll produce for them.. but man, that salary is going to cripple their ability to field a good team for most of the next decade.

  • 10 years ago

    I think Greinke to Milwaukee was the best move... but not just for the Brewers, but the Royals as well. Greinke was slowly becoming a clubhouse cancer, and he was making it pretty clear he had no motivation to continue playing for the Royals. The Royals also unloaded Betancourt, and got a stud SS and pitcher in return, and also a decent center fielder and the Brewers best pitching prospect in return. Not bad for KC either.

    The worst move might just be Manny and Damon to Tampa Bay. They might draw a bit of a crowd, but what do you need with two overage DH's? Because you certainly wouldn't want to put either of them in the OF anymore.

  • 10 years ago

    Best: Gonzalez, Crawford, and Jenks to Red Sox

    Worst: Jayson Werth's and Adrian Beltre's contract: too many years. Werth & Beltre will both wear down before those contracts are up.

    Source(s): I agree with Robert and Jerry
  • 10 years ago

    Worst: The yankees signed bartolo colon who is old and way out of baseball shape.

    best: The phillies getting cliff lee which makes them the best pitching team right now.

    Source(s): MLB NETWORK
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