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Vegan replacement for egg wash?

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    soy milk, olive oil or vegan margarine all works to brown pastry.oil if you want a glaze.

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    Egg Wash

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    Vegan replacement for egg wash?

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    Basically no eggs, and no dairy products at all, you can eat honey if you want it depends on the person, and no Jello or marshmallows unless you can get the ones from specialty stores that is. You could try rice milk and rice cheeses, tofu cheeses, almond cheeses, soy milk, almond milk, and i think some people drink a type of hemp milk but i wouldn't. It is pretty hard, and i'm not going to go on spiritual benefits but if you practice a good diet and aren't just eating vegan potato chips all day your system could be healthier and you could experience some other things, but that also counts out the rest of things.

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    If you are looking to glaze your recipe with a vegan egg substitute, simply replace the egg wash with oil or non dairy milk such as soya or rice milk. You can also use soya spread or corn syrup mixed with hot water.

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    In Brazil friends use a mix of catchup, mustard and a bit of water to brush over savory dishes, it browns very well and gives a bit of flavor

  • If you are just doing to make your pastry look "pretty" then just leave it off. I actually think that egg-washed pastry looks terrible while plain pastry looks lovely.

    If you need it to stick pastry together (or something to pastry) then use soy milk. You just need moisture and protein and soy milk has both.

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