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Have you ever used the dating site "Plenty of Fish"?

I've been on it for a while with no luck....I find most of the girls on there to be extremely shallow...I live in a small sort of city and people here would ignore my messages but view my profile... I changed my location to a bigger place, and NO ONE views me and I've sent out tons of messages... They delete my message before even reading my profile or the message itself! haha Anyone have experiences like mine with the site? Good luck? Share...

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    Plenty of Fish is basically "Plenty O' Waste O' Time". It's a free site, so the majority of people on the site are just there to kill time or to fool around. Many women on the site use fake pictures to get more attention. I've actually spoken to one who stole pictures off of another girl's profile and passed them off as herself! They like having guys message them, but they have no intention of actually meeting you.

    If you're serious about meeting someone, I would suggest a paid site. Paid sites tend to weed out those who are there only to waste time. EHarmony is the best one out there in my opinion. Give it a shot. It takes time, but you'll find someone you click with a lot more likely than if you hang around POF.

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    90% of success on those sites are about the pictures. You need to find pictures that make you as attractive as possible. The other 10% is about what you put in your profile and your messages. There's lots of tips on how to make a good profile, just do an internet search.

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    All the time! Not.

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    try zoosks

    or militarycupid...that's how my wife met me

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