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Uhhhhh, I ate White Castle and I CAN'T STOP FARTING!?

Yeah, so I ate white castle yesterday night and I am still farting up a storm. Worst part is is that it smells like White Castle gone terribly bad! I am highly amused and alarmed by this dilemma, only problem I'm seeming to run into, is that tomorrow is my karate lesson. What can I do NOW to avoid my chance of riping a big, smelly fart while round house kicking tomorrow?

Seriously,I need help. I rarely have this kind of food so I think the grease really got to me. I've been eating my usual healthy diet today, but what else would help me get over this nasty farting?

If Yahoo answers was a room full of people, I would not ask this question.

Thanks for your help!

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    why would you want to stop farting. farting is fun just have fun with it and fart when u need to

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