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Ladies/Men: Is it weird that I prefer to take baths instead of showers ?

I take a bath instead of a shower about 90% of the time. I find baths more relaxing and more enjoyable than taking a shower. I've been told that it's weird ! Am I weird because I prefer baths ?

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    Not at all Franco, billions of people choose to bathe rather than shower. In fact, look at the cultures of Japan or Turkey for super bathing experiences.

    Personally, I love a bath but don't have time to soak. But I would LOVE a big soaker tub, a magazine, glass of wine and some peace and quiet anytime!

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    No, it's not weird at all, just not the standard...most people take showers because they are faster and they don't like to sit in their own dirt...I enjoy a relaxing bath now and then, but I still turn on the shower to rinse off before I get out of the bath because I was sitting in dirty bath water...

    To each, their own...

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    No,it's not weird at all. I prefer a nice,hot bubble bath myself to relax in. After I take a shower first though. I'm not sitting in dirty water and it's a pain shaving my legs and the boys in the tub.

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    Kind of-- showering is a faster way to clean up. It is more efficient. I think a guy should shower at least once a day. That being said-- I love to soak in a bath (I add essential oils, petals, etc).

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    I never liked taking a bath and washing and laying in the filthy water and washing over and over in that dirty water.

    I will take a shower wash and later on fill the tub with a hot bath to lay in.....but now I'm clean. No scuzzy dirty water, no shaven hair off my legs foaming around my body in the tub......

    Maybe it's just me.....but I want to rinse that dirt away not lay it.

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    9 years ago

    I do too Franco, maybe you and I are sole-mates!

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