how do i remove the forehead protector on my savephace paintball mask?

i have the scar phace mask and i want to know how to take off the forehead protector. it says it is removable and i see screws but my screwdriver cant get to them and i don't want to just pull it off


i got shot in the head with it and its really loose so i wanted to take it off and put it back on see if that would help. or maybe put the visor on.

and do you know how he did it?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You do need to remove those screws. The mask is supposed to come with a small screwdriver for it but i guess yours did not.

    Get a jeweler's screwdriver set. They're not too expensive and you'll ultimately find all sorts of uses for the set (i've got 2 sets, one for home & one for paintball).

    It's actually better to wear a padded headband or headwrap instead of a forehead shield on a mask (unless it's medically necessary). You'll get some level of protection but you'll also get a few bounces from time to time, which keeps you in the game.

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    Save Phace Paintball Mask

  • 10 years ago

    i wouldn't remove it, my friend did it once, got shot five times in the forehead 5 time that day 2 were at close range and broke the skin

    Source(s): watching my friend get shot in the forehead at a airsoft match
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