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in grams, how much does a normal chocolate chip cookie weigh?

i have a science project...does anyone know...thanks

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    First of all consider that maybe the answer that your teacher wants to get is "There is not such a thing as a normal chocolate chip cookie, weigh depends on type and manufacture".

    Still an average weigh would be 30gr.

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    Weight Of A Cookie

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    Your weight is only a little more than you probably need, for your height. First of all--stop all this 'starvation' talk--that does NO good and will make you feel like eating even more. You mentioned bluberries--they are an excellent snack--incredibly good for you. I bring a sandwich-sized bag to work everyday to snack on, instead of chips, candy, etc. And they are sweet too--so it helps with craving sweets. Same with cherries and grapes--and raisins. One thing is when you open something and have it right in front of you, there is always a tendency to just keep reaching for more, almost unconsciously! So only put a limited amount. put out one or two cookies--or chocolates--once a day. Another huge source of wasted calories is fruit drinks and soda. there is 24 grams of sugar in many health water drinks-Which is MORE THAN soda! So stick with water, or diet stuff to drink. You really don't wanna die over this! Losing weight is not as easy as it sounds--and it gets harder as you get older. I lost 65 lbs my senior yr of high school (many years ago) and it was easier then. I hated exercise, so I would go for walks. I love to dance, so I'd make tapes of my favorite songs and dance for an hour or so each day. Don't do any 'crash' diets--they do not work. You have to retrain yourself to eat healthy stuff. Make smaller portions. And be 'midful' of your eating. Don't sit and eat while on the computer--or in fron of the tv, where you aren't concentrating on eating. To lose ONE pound you need to take in 3,500 calories less. So find out what your normal intake should be. I am an adult woman, and mine is around 2,000 calories. If you eat/drink 500 calories LESS per day, that would be 1 pound per week, you could loswe--and that is a healthy/safe way to do it. Cut out the sweets--the candy, cookies, ice cream, chips, cupcakes, pudding, donuts and replace them with something else. I replaced soda with water--and I replaced ice cream with fruit popsicles. Good Luck This is without exercise, too. Add some fun physical things and you will burn off more.

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    Well, the average cookie is like a baseball. It has laces. Monkey also have cookies on purple Tuesdays. Hope this helps!

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