If I block someone's email address will it tell them they've been blocked if i do it from my account settings?

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I just want to make sure that they know they've been blocked, so they'll realize more emails are futile and cannot say that i've read them. Thankyou.
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If you use the blocked address list in spam options there is no notice to the person that they have been blocked. I know of no other method.

For classic click "options ↬ mail options ↬ spam"
For all-new click "options ↬ more options ↬ spam"
For beta click on "help ↬ options ↬ spam"

Add the address to the "Blocked Email Addresses".

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  • LoneStar answered 3 years ago

    You can block an address and Yahoo will delete any future emails arriving from that address immediately----and you'll never see any of them.
    That email will NOT be returned to the sender (Yahoo deletes it), and they aren't notified that they have been blocked (for security reasons).
    They can still send emails to you----but you won't be getting any of them.
    So----just let them waste their time sending to you----what do you care if they know or not.

    Your only other option is to tell them yourself----but IF they know, they can just change a letter or two in their address---(which allows them to slip past the block)and continue bugging you.

    Mail page>>options>>mail options>>Spam (from the list on the left)>>block addresses.
    Enter that exact address in the space provided>>click "add block">>then click "save changes" at the top of the page.
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  • Gone answered 3 years ago
    No it will not. They'll only know if they email you and they will get the MESSAGE FAILURE email back to them.
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  • R K answered 3 years ago
    they won't know you blocked them, they won't be able to e-mail you again till they change their
    e-mail name and then you need to block them again.
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