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Questions about New Zealand?

So I love New Zealand by what I can tell. It seems very friendly.

BUT hows the government? Schools? Community? ETC.

Thanks guys and girls!

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    I agree with some of Sylvias remarks .

    New Zealand in Good weather is a paradise on earth.

    Some people do very well for themselves others struggle but there is an abundance of fresh produce.

    With only 4 million population New Zealand doesn't bring in enough money to progress to a high standard but housing is nice. There are some beautiful homes there. Schools are good. A few of the towns I would never live in. High crime and poor values but some of the towns and Cities I love. Wellington although the weather can be bad there I love on a nice day. Nelson and surrounding areas are beautiful and a good community spirit. . Parts of Auckland but I don't like South Auckland.

    The people are friendly.

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    The Govt is National, so greedy financiers and pro farmers, concerned about the rich people and dont give a rats about the environment. The public schools took a major dive when they got rid of School Certificate and University Entrance back in the 80's. We now have NCEA which no one fails and no employer understands. Also, the teachers cant seem to control the children due to our no smacking law. Parents are scared to discipline their children which has led to children that are difficult to control. There is no medicare, so visits to the doctor are expensive. You need health insurance. The community is awesome however. Depending on where you live of course. Small towns are always more united than big selfish cities. The weather will drive you absolutely potty. It's still summer, but the last 2 days feel like winter. Just horrible. Lols.

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    It was the first country in the world to give the vote to women and the birthplace of Lord Rutherford, who was the first person to split the atom.

    I have just spent three weeks there, 2 in the North Island and 1 in the South.

    People are the same anywhere if you treat them with respect, although I found small town New Zealanders more likely to have a chat.

    In some places they even came out to fill my fuel tank instead of hiding behind a console.

    The South Island has colder winters and in some parts you can get winter days in the middle of summer.

    Yahoo spellcheck still thinks New Zealanders is a spelling error, but they still call themselves that.

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