any of you guys ada programmers what are your thoughts on ada in relation to other languages?


Techwing very valid point. The competence of the programmer is the most important factor. However I feel that a good tool can aid a good worker. C/C++ are the workhorse languages and honestly speaking they suck. So many ways to get bitten in the ***. A competent programmer can usually avoid them but still that's more weight to haul around and you feel it. Did my destructor deallocate memory properly etc. Did I go out of this arrays bound for no good reason etc. In addition to focusing on the logic and efficiency you must focus on not being bitten in the ***. Ada tries to catch all errors as soon as possible so they don't become near impossible to find bugs. Granted it has its issues in my opinion(for what little it's worth as I'm still a learner) it's the best language out there. Power is good but protection from misusing it is also critical I feel.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I don't do Ada, but I know that it has a niche market in safety-critical applications, such as aviation. At one time, the United States Department of Defense required all software to be written in Ada, but they granted zillions of waivers so that better languages could be used, and they finally dropped the requirement. Ada never caught on anywhere else.

    Ada tries to be the ultimate programming language, just like so many other failed efforts at creating the perfect programming language. The IT industry finds it hard to accept the fact that good software is produced by good programmers, not by magic programming languages.

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