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how did the black plague affect western europe socially?

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    The black plague killed about half of the population in just a few years. That affected just about everything, socially.

    I recommend brainstorming what you think would happen if half of your country's human population died of severe illness, of unknown cause, over the next five years. What would happen to social structures and institutions like marriage? How would teen pregnancies be viewed? What would happen to social gatherings? How would the wealthy react? The poor? What would happen to food production and distribution? Would people become more or less religious? How would artists document the events? What other things might happen?

    Then go and use a search engine, and find comparable events during the black plague.

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    Well for one thing, you wouldn't see people socializing with each other as much. They would either be dead, burnt to crisps, or suffering in their bedsides.

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    i think its because it killed a lot of people and this means it broke a lot of family's up round about 100 mill dead

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