The Crucible - John Proctor?

What are you're opinions on whether john proctor is a good mad? opininons and reasons please :D

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  • Milton
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    9 years ago
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    The Crucible was a play that was really Arthur Miller's response to the Senate Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s (The McCarthy Committee) and its resemblance to a witch hunt. Understanding that Miller was writing a metaphor, it is easier to examine both the courage and the cowardice of John Proctor in the face of the New England witchcraft trials.

    Many of Miller's plays were metaphors for broader issues in the world. All My Sons was a diatribe against the profiteers in the industrial realm who built inferior products for the armed services during WW II. Death of a Salesman was about all of us who struggle our whole lives and in the end, have little to show for it.

    John Proctor displays both the understanding of the issues but the fear to confront them. Nowadays that would be considered, go along to get along.

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  • Zinia
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    4 years ago

    John Proctor is 'The Crucible's strong protagonist, who remains faithful and dedicated to his beliefs. etc etc.

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