My nose piercing is infected (swollen, red, crusty and HOT)! What should I do?

I got nose cartilege pierced 10 months ago. After two months I changed out the original stud for a gold/diamond one. No problems.

So last night I changed out to the original stud, didn't like how it looked and put the gold one back in. Don't know why but it took better part of 2 hours to put gold stud back in.

Now that side of my nose is red, throbbing, puffed and hot to the touch. The stud is sinking into the hole--and it sure is crusty around the hole! What worries me most is that the sinuses in the bridge of my nose throbs. I don't ever get sinus infections and now sneezing, sitting up and wearing glasses is torture.

I'm not touching the stud and am cleaning it every 4 hours with salt water. Anyone had this problem? Would hydrogen peroxide help? Will this go away eventually with TLC or should I remove the stud and let the hole grow?

I like the piercing and don't have any metal allergies. Any insight you have into old piercings getting infected would be greatly appreciated!

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    9 years ago
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    Same thing happened to me the first time that I tried to change out my nose piercing.

    This is what you should do immediately:

    Take an ibuprofen for the swelling. Rub ice around the wound or splash ice water around it. This will help the swelling go down. Then spray your cleaner (I use H2Ocean - it's the best out there) outside and inside your nose on hole. Use a Q-tip to gently wipe the areas dry, inside and out. Clean under/around the stud too. Make sure that your stud is pulled out a centimeter in order to get Q-tip perfectly swiped around the exact area of opening. If you have to put a little rolled up piece of tissue in your nose in order to keep the stud poked out OFF of your skin, do so. LET the crusts form. That means it is healing. Don't continue to get it wet. Do NOT clean it every 4 hours. Clean once in morning and night. At those times gently remove crust with wet salt watered Q-tip. Aside from cleaning it, NEVER touch that area. Bacteria spreads.

    If you don't follow this procedure carefully, your hole will most likely scar since you're having this issue of the stud sinking into the hole. Raised scar tissue on your nose is not desirable. :(

    I promise, if you follow that procedure your piercing will be beautiful again within 48 hours. The tissue trick works great (obviously you have to stay home all day in order to keep the tissue in there!:)

    Also, do NOT put peroxide on your wound. Only use the salt water.

    For the next 48 hours, please eat well, fruits, vegetables/greens. Take your vitamins. Avoid processed foods/sugars. Your body will heal beautifully.

    Source(s): I have a beautiful nose piercing.
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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    Swollen Red Nose

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    whatever anyone says DO NOT TAKE IT OUT AND LEAVE IT OUT.DO NOT CHANGE IT FOR A WHILE. this can cause more infection or make it worse.make sure to do sea salt soaks two times a day..morning and night. clean it with anti-bacterial soap for the second wash of the day. you shouldnt of changed it out after 2 months..most likely it was not yet healed.

    do not touch the stud. DONT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE,ALCOHOL, TEA OIL,ANYTHING LIKE THAT. need anything else, just email me.

    -as for a bump, its hypertrophic scarring.i have it too.jjust keep up with the sea salt soaks and maybe once in a while do a hot compress for 5-10 should go away in a few months

    Source(s): had mine pierced for 5 months
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you should definitly see a doctor

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