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What's an off-beat name that would go with Benjamin, either first or middle?

As an indicator of off-beat I provide: Judicael, Raphael, Honore. Though not any of those.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I wouldn't use any name beginning with B or J to avoid alliteration since that's just toooooooooo cutesy for my taste.

    I would also avoid names ending in "N" to steer clear of the rhyming factor.

    Benjamin Albrecht

    Benjamin Akiva

    Benjamin Ansel

    Benjamin Calvagh

    Benjamin Conall

    Benjamin Conrad

    Benjamin Dermot

    Benjamin Dieter

    Benjamin Dov (Hebrew for "bear")

    Benjamin Driscoll

    Benjamin Eliezer

    Benjamin Emil

    Benjamin Felix

    Benjamin Fletcher

    Benjamin Gregor

    Benjamin Gunnar

    Benjamin Gunther

    Benjamin Hendrik

    Benjamin Hugo

    Benjamin Isidore

    Benjamin Ivor

    Benjamin Keegan

    Benjamin Klemens

    Benjamin Kurt

    Benjamin Malachi

    Benjamin Matthias

    Benjamin Melech

    Benjamin Moritz

    Benjamin Olaf

    Benjamin Rafael

    Benjamin Reimund

    Benjamin Seamus (SHAY-mus)

    Benjamin Sylvester

    Benjamin Tadh / Tighe (TIEG)

    Benjamin Torsten

    Benjamin Werner

    Benjamin Wilhelm

    Benjamin Wolfram

    Benjamin Zohar

    Hope these help!

  • Benjamin Archer

    Benjamin Asher

    Benjamin Finn

    Benjamin Grey

    Benjamin Harper

    Benjamin Heath

    Benjamin Hudson

    Benjamin Jude

    Benjamin Kai

    Benjamin Levi

    Benjamin Miles

    Benjamin Pierce

    Benjamin Roscoe

    Benjamin Theo

    Benjamin Vance

    Benjamin West

  • about:

    Benjamin Alphonse

    Benjamin Ambrose

    Benjamin August

    Benjamin Carroll

    Benjamin Christophe

    Benjamin Clarence

    Benjamin Claude / Claud

    Benjamin Conrad

    Benjamin Cyrus

    Benjamin Earl

    Benjamin Ezra

    Benjamin Feodor

    Benjamin Hiram

    Benjamin Isadore / Isidore

    Benjamin Lawrence / Laurence

    Benjamin Leonard

    Benjamin Lloyd

    Benjamin Otto

    Benjamin Oz

    Benjamin Ralph

    Benjamin Reid

    Benjamin Victor

    I put them in alphabetical order so they're easier to look through. Hope you find something you like!


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Benjamin Monroe

    Benjamin Dash

    Benjamin Kalil

    Benjamin Jett

    Benjamin Moon

    Benjamin Tyme

    Benjamin Smith

    Benjamin Bear

    Benjamin Sailor

    Benjamin Donatello

    Benjamin Picasso

    Benjamin Monet

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  • Benjamin Kiefer, Benjamin Tobias, Benjamin Mathias

    Leander Benjamin, Hamish Benjamin, Ansel Benjamin

  • 9 years ago

    Ones i'd actually use:

    Benjamin Thatcher

    Benjamin Erimas

    Benjamin Aurelius

    Benjamin Cassius

    Benjamin Archer

    Benjamin Slade

    Benjamin Ramsey

    Benjamin Huntley

  • 9 years ago

    Benjamin Harrison is a cool name

  • 9 years ago

    I like a J name like James or John or something

    I have Benjamin on my namelist but i have the middle name Fergus and its not for everyone aha

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well, I have Benjamin Casey on my list, don't know if you'd like it or not...

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