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Movies faans, "Holly Hunter" or "Helen Hunt"?

Who you think is a better actress?

BQ:Favorite movie by both?



Update 2:

@ Miss Fedora:Hmmm i never seen "Living Out Loud" before ....god i'm feeling so embaressed right now, Danny Devito is one of my favorite actors

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    Holly Hunter is probably better.

    In the movie Thirteen she was amazing. Holly Hunter is the more natural actress.

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    I would have to go with Holly Hunter because she has had more diverse rolls.

    Favorite Holly Hunter movie: Miss Firecracker

    Favorite Helen Hunt movie: As Good As It Gets

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    ....... I love Helen Hunt!! She has fine looks and very good actress.

    I enjoyed her As Good As It Gets with my most favourite Nicholson.

    Cast Away with Tom Hanks, too.

    Just yesterday I tried to watch Holly Hunter with Danny de Vitto in Living Out Loud! Well, I was tired so I fell asleep in the middle of it! My room mate came in and turned the tv off. lol

    ( what was the Ending of this film ? hehe)

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