what is the name of the movie with dean martin and frank sinatra?

They play a pair of playboys, when martin gets kicked out by his wife and comes to stay with sinatra. Sinatra has a bevy of women coming and going. It is an old comedy.

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    Could you be thinking of Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1963)? It starred Dean Martin but not Frank Sinatra, too.

    Plot: Dino plays Ray Hunter, a Conrad Hiltonesque playboy hotelier at large in Rome.

    Starring: Dean Martin, Anna Maria Alberghetti, Eva Bartok, Dewey Martin, Walter Slezak

    Check this list of movies: http://www.deanmartinfancenter.com/index/rightfram...

    Are you sure the movie starred both actors?

    Maybe it was "Some Came Running" (1958) but the plot doesn't fit: Sinatra is a WWII veteran who goes back to his home town after trying his luck and failing as a writer.

    EDIT: Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963) may be a better fit to your description but, again, it doesn't co-star Sinatra.


    Actor Jason Steele (Dino) plays a caring, godlike doctor on television. Off the set, he's the insecure fiancee of Melissa, a pretty art teacher. Jason doesn't know what to expect of marriage, especially after seeing how the fires have burned out in all of poker buddies' marriages. Complicating matters is that his friends' wives have confused Jason with his television persona and they keep popping up at his house ready to see what his bedside manner is like.

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    I know what you mean, but best Google Frank S & Dean M movies. Sorry.

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