GUYS ONLY! What are my chances with this girl?

Okay, here's the deal:

1.I've known this girl as semi-friends for the last year or so.

2.Two months ago, she broke up with her boyfriend whom she saw for one year.

3.Two weeks after the breakup, I asked her out on two dinner dates and she accepted both times.

4.On those two dates, you would have thought she was my girlfriend. She was brushing her leg up against mine. I caught her studying my lips. She made direct eye contact with me the whole time. And she was playfully hitting me and touching my arm.

5.And one one other occasion, she asked to come over to my apartment to watch movies with me (no kissing or sex though).

6.So after the second date, I told her I had feelings for her and wanted to see where a relationship would go. When I told her this she had a big smile on her face.

7.But then she told me that she was flattered but that she was still an emotional wreck and needed time to get over her ex and see what it was like to be single for awhile.

8.I then told her that I would wait for her and had no problem doing so because she was that special to me.

9.She replied with "awwww," and then told me that she wouldn't see anyone else during her recovery time and that she'd definately keep me in mind when she is ready to start dating again.

10.So over the past 6 weeks, we haven't gone on anymore dates but we literally text/talk to each other every other day. And she's always trying to keep the texting convo going and such. But every once and awhile she won't respond to one of my texts.

11.Keep in mind that I am always the one to initiate contact (I read online that girls expect guys to initiate contact).

12.But for the very first time last weekend, she initiated contact with me and called me just to see how my weekend went.

13.So this past week I've really started to flirt with her and call her beautiful and tell he that she has beautiful eye's and so forth. She responded with "awwww" and "you're so crazy lol"

14.So earlier this week, I called her up and asked her out to dinner for the first time in 6 weeks and she accepted! Our date is tommorrow night!

15.Keep in mind we're both in our early 20's and that her ex is completely out of the picture because he now lives on the other side of the country.

So my questions are:

1.Is she interested in me?

2.Should I give her a peck on the cheek when I drop her off at the end of our date tommorrow night?

3.Do you think she views that as a "date date" or just a "date between friends?" And keep in mind that she knows how I feel about her because I told her point blank.

4.Was she trying to let me down easy when she told me she needed time to get over her ex and that she wanted to see what it was like to be single? And if she was trying to let me down easy, why would she continue our daily texting convo's for 6 weeks knowing that I had feelings for her?

5.And lastly, is it a good sign that she responded with "awww" and "you're so crazy" when I called her beautiful and told her she had beautiful eye's?

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    She's being kind, we suspect. Being involved with someone and breaking up just trashes the emotions. She may need a long time to recover. Don't push her too hard before she is ready, it may be tomorrow or in six months time - Be her friend for now and she will let you know when she's ready. P&P :-)

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