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how can i understand MATH?

okay the biggest math exam was last week and im pretty suer i failed in it -_- plz answer my Q

im at 9th grade btw

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    well, if you think youve failed your maths exam then depending on what you are wanting to do as a career, or possibly further education then you may have to retake it i am not sure about american qualifications or 9th grade stuff but to understand maths you generally just need to practice that is the most important thing in maths, make sure you understand how to do each type of question you may be asked in an exam, ask your teacher for past exam papers so you can assess how well you are learning and how well prepared you are. dont just learn the basic facts, try to understand more and go into more detail and i think the most important thing really is learning to think mathematically, which comes with time. I used to be in the bottom half of the school at Maths and hated it, with lots of effort and determination i am now doing amazing 2/3 years later and love maths, so dont give up do lots of revision and dont stop until your getting the top grades and you could do great.

    good luck :)

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    Get a good tutor who can make you understand, love and appreciate the essence of mathematics. Respect maths and those who are good at it rather than running away from it. Never try to memorize it as memorizing will but confuse you even more and increase your hatred. Do practise a lot and don"t be ashamed of seeking help from elders or classmates.

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    Try relating it to other things in your life. And yes, practice. I hate math. But getting into and understanding a complex equation and coming out with the correct answer feels rewarding. Just lractise. CAuse trust me, you have 2 more tears of mandatory math and it only gets harder.

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    Try to see the beauty of mathematics - it is an international language and becomes a friend rather than an enemy after a while.

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