How to get job in Singapore with visitor visa ? Can i extend my visa there?

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i am software developer and having 5 years of experience.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
Person with visitor visa are not offered job in Singapore.

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  • James answered 3 years ago
    I don't agree with the answers that say you need to learn Chinese. English is widely spoken and the main language actually, although many Chinese do speak Chinese amongst themselves. Getting a job in Singapore is like most countries. You cannot work on a visitor visa, but if you can find a company to hire you, they can sponsor you to get a work visa. However the company will need to show why they are hiring a foreigner and not a local, so you will need to have a specialized skill. I don't have knowledge of whether software developers are in demand or not, so you may need to research that. It is possible to extend your visa at ICA (although I think you can do it at the post office now... but I could be wrong). Another way is you can go across the border to Malaysia for the day and come back, but that will only extend you two weeks and both ways they will only allow you to do that so many times. I would do a little research before you come. It's not so easy in any country to just find work as a foreigner. You might want to email a few companies and set up some meetings before you arrive.
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  • Anup Natus answered 3 years ago
    please,learn first Chinese language...
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  • Roberta E. Lee answered 3 years ago
    If you have a visitor's visa and caught working, you will be deported instantly.
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  • asim boral answered 3 years ago
    Dont go there unless you know chineese Language .Companies in Singapore just fire the Indian employee for petty reason of not knowing chineese and if you are caught with drug then you will be hanged .
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