What is down syndrome?

I heard of it on family guy when chris wanted to date a girl who had that. So i just ant to know thanks:)

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    Down Syndrome is a genetic disease affecting the 21st chromosome. People with Down Syndrome have a lower IQ and have a variety of other conditions such as speech impediments and poor vision. People with Down Syndrome are very joyful people and most seem to love music. They can be the nicest people you would ever meet and are very trusting and loyal people. They easily forgive. They do die at an earlier age but that doesn't mean they die young. I think the average is 50-60 years old.

    Source(s): Brother has Down Syndrome
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    Down's Syndrome is a genetic abnormality in which there is extra genetic material on the 21st chromosome. There is usually some degree of mental retardation (average I.Q. is about 50) and some physical impairments. Individuals with Down's have a much greater risk for a large number of medical ailments including certain cancers, thyroid disorders, epilepsy, and heart disease. They tend to die much younger than average.

    With support and appropriate education, many can learn to function quite well in the "normal" world, having fulfilling, sucessful, and happy lives.

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    the scene you are referring to is making fun of Sarah Palin's son whom has this disability. This in my opinion was a very mean thing for the writers to do. Down syndrome is a mental disability involving a lower IQ as well as many other traits. This lower IQ means they can't learn as much as the average person. Also they may have physical disabilities. It is visible in the facial expression of the child . Here is a link to a site dedicated to Down Syndrome awareness:


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