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Will I get into Ohio State?

I have about a 3.5, maybe higher. I attend a private school (an Academy), I am involved in several extracurriculars consisting of sports, clubs, groups, and do a pretty good amount of community service. I have Bs in the AP classes I am in, and have had pretty good grades throughout my high school career thus far. However, I will be an out-of-state applicant applying.

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    Ohio State University information

    1. Accepts 76% of their applicants

    2. 15% of first year students are out-of-state-students

    3. A note about the college's admission requirements: Secondary school record, class rank, test scores most important.

    4. SAT information: You didn't tell us how you did on your SAT's. So if you took them already check to see if your scores are in these ranges.

    Critical Reading: 540 - 650

    Math: 580 - 690

    Writing: 540 - 640

    5. ACT information: In case you took the ACT instead

    25 - 30: 86% of those who submitted their ACT were in this range.

    Extra Point: The ACT and SAT essay is used for admission. Hopefully, you did well on that part of the test.

    I'm sure that you'll have no problems getting accepted into Ohio State University.


    Source(s): - Search Ohio State University Columbus
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    If you gpa is 3.5 you are good.

    Your SAT or ACT score will determine whether or not you get in. Of course you need funding- whether pell/loans or cash. Extracurriculars don't mean anything except for those applying for full scholarship.

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