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Musical Audition Help?

Hi, i am auditioning for a series of one act plays at a theater, and one is a musical, an no information is provided on which show it is. I know you are supposed to select songs you can connect with but i would like some suggestions, i am a teen boy with a baritone-bass voice and would like some ideas for songs in musical theater that will suit me.

Please avoid following:

According to Fred Silver, do not choose:

1. Song and Dance numbers: the lyrics are simple so as not to upstage the dancing, and do not serve the actor well in an audition.

2. Production numbers: the changing scenery and hordes of other actors rushing around are noticeably missing when sung as a solo.

3. Signature songs: they are too closely associated with the performers who made them famous .

4. Fictional Character songs: songs are associated with a particular character, ie, Miss Hannigan’s “Little Girls” from Annie. It might be assumed that this is the only type of part that you can play.

5. Plotline numbers: songs that advance the plot of a musical and do little in terms of character.

6. Vogue numbers: songs are from current shows are in the public limelight; too many people are singing them.

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