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do seniors like to hear birds singing in the am?

Good morning Yahooans this is mr green jeans playin my green tamboreen having green eggs and jam on the am . Welcome to WXYAHOO AM coming at you live with 1.21 jiggawatts of power

playin the goldies hits for the oldies

with guest doctor james brown and the back to the future shop

now lets hear some birds sing

Youtube thumbnail


playin a song for you


sounds like william d is having another wishfull dream before elementry school

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    Oh yes, and the animals as I sit in the house of the rising sun!

    More power to those green jeans!

  • oldman
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    Some of my most pleasant memories are of when I was a young boy before air conditioners, waking up with the songs of meadow larks and other country sounds wafting through the open windows on the cool morning air. It's one of the reasons I would again like to live in the country. Here in the city all there is to hear is noise. There's something about country sounds, the earth and the animals waking up to a new day that is very peaceful.

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    I have a mocking bird that sings outside my window. Sometimes he sings all night (mating call, I'm told). It's beautiful but annoying because it keeps me awake. He also plays tricks on me. He can make a sound that is just like my telephone ringing. I don't know how many times I've gotten up from the porch to go answer the phone when there was no one there. Sneaky little critter. But I love him.

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    Oh yes I do....and the bird in my city are singing their little patooties off this morning. Somehow, in the midst of a cold, dreary winter....the Almighty has sent us a day that is going to be in the mid 60's...and full of sunshine.

    I am getting ready to log off and go outside and sing my own little patooty off as I will be so happy to be out all day in the sunshine that it will probably make me sing and hum along with whatever is playing on the radio in my car.

    Hope you all have a great day here if the day is cold & dreary where you are.....we FINALLY got a glorious, warm, sunny day in my neck of the little patooty is logging off and going outside!

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    G'morning MGJ ... *yawn* I do like the songs of birds in the morning. My local mockingbird is feeling good & full of romantic notions and calling his head off. I place fresh seed in the feeder for the other birds daily proportionally to avoid having overweight tweeters stuck on the ground. I FEEL good - like knew I WOULD.... sing it James....

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    This is one of the classic videos from Ed Sullivan. Fantastic. It is good to see David Crosby when he was much healthier too. I love hearing the birds first thing in the morning!

  • Anonymous
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    Yes, I get to hear them singing and they are welcomed with bread crumbs for the many songs they sing.

    I also like to watch the squirrels jumping in the trees and scampering around as if they own that tree!

  • Well it's cold here and there are no birds around here and even if there was I wouldn't be able to hear them with everything closed up but I would love to hear them in the spring!! can't wait for spring!!!..=)

    You can play all the oldies you want I'll listen to them!!!

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    I like to hear my parakeets singing before I get up. It was near 80 degrees here yesterday and the robin's and other birds are singing right now. They are in for a rude awakening, tomorrow winter returns to the state.

  • john
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    One of my favorite groups.If I knew how to post a clip from You tube on this forum I would suggest My Back Pages.

    Thanks for the reminder;Barnes and Noble ordered Sweethearts of The Rodeo and I need to pick up this cd.

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