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Combinations. In how many ways can a committee of 5 people be chosen from 9 people?

1. In how many ways can a committee of 5 people be chosen from 9 people?

2. How many 5 card hands can be formed from a deck of 52cards?

3. How many different committees consisting of 8 people can be formed from 12 men and 9 women of equal numbers of men and women have to be chosen?

4. Out of 14 regions in the country, six will be chosen to be included in a survey. How many ways of selecting 6 out of 14 regions?

5. From a list of 20 suggested books, Amy must choose 4 to make a report. How many possible combinations are there?

6. Five lines are drawn on a piece of paper, no two of them are parallel, & not more than two lines intersecting a point. How many points of intersections are there?

7. Imagine that a six-person rescue party is climbing a mountain in search of survivors of an airplane crash. They suddenly spot the plane on the ledge but the passageway to the ledge is very narrow & only four people can proceed. The remaining two people will have to return. How many different four person rescue groups can be formed to reach the ledge?

8. In how many ways can a teacher choose one or more students from 6 eligible students?

9. In how many ways can 6 members from a committee of 6?

10. In how many ways can a barangay captain invite three of his six barangay councilmen for lunch?

11. How many different 11-member football teams can be formed from a possible 20 players if any player can play any position?

12. A box contains 6 red, 5 blue & 3 white balls. In how many ways can we select 3 balls such that a) they are different colors? b) they are all red? c) two are blue & one is white? d) exactly 2 are blue e) none is white f. atleast two are white

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    In how many ways can a committee of 5 people be

    chosen from 9 people?


    Ways = 9C5 = 9*8*7*6*5 / 5*4*3*2*1 = 126 >==========< ANSWER

    Similarly Solve the OTHERS.

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    1) C(9,5) = 126

    I recommend breaking the question up into many separate questions, or even better, show some attempt and ask about where you got stuck; this is Yahoo! Answers, not Yahoo! Slave Service. (Although the distinction is not extremely obvious in the math section.)

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    What is the evaluation of 5! ?

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