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gta asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 10 years ago

French: en vs de to translate 'some', svp?

Please, is this correct?

The difference in usage between 'en' [some] and 'de', etc [some]:

When 'some' ends the English sentence:

He drinks some beer:

ll boit de la bière

He drinkssome:

Il en boit

[The Berlitz Self-Teacher French, 107]


is this a good rule?

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    "en" is used to replace a the subject of the sentence only if there is a "complément d'objet direct" (COD) which is "some beer" in your sentence, and only for things (not people/places etc). But your conclusion about it being for unquantifiable things like "some" is not accurate. If you say "il a bu trois bières" you'd replace it by "il en a bu trois". "en" replaces the direct object, which is " de la bière" in your sentence and "trois bières" in mine. The "de" just gets replaced by en which becomes the subject. Hope this makes some sense... If not, look up the "compléments d'objet direct" and if you want to go further the "complément d'objet indirect" (COI) which is usually replaced by "y". Look up this website, found it, hope it helps

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    / en / is a pronoun, and it;'s used for something you've already mentioned [like the beer in your example]

    see if this helps:

    The pronoun en corresponds to the preposition de + noun - especially with reference to animals, things, places or abstract ideas.

    Nous parlons souvent de votre visite

    Nous en parlons souvent

    il est arrivé hier de Paris

    il en est arrivé hier


    avez-vous du pain?

    oui, j’en ai acheté - yes, I bought some

    voulez-vous de la bière?

    oui, s’il y en a [yes if there is any]

    si vous voulez des billets, je peux vous en donner [give you some]

    vous buvez du café? oui, j’en bois

    vous avez des enfants? oui, j’en ai deux

    il y a assez de pain? oui. il y en a assez

    il parle de son travail? oui, il en parle souvent

    elle revient de la ;piscine? ou, elle en revient

    yoiu don;t just use /en/ to mean some , unless you've already said something that will make it clear 'some of WHAT'

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    hi, aside from the meanings you have been given (no longer shure it is amazingly superb english...), "près de" + infinitif skill "sur le factor de" : as much as, waiting to. examples : Je ne suis pas près d'oublier ce qui vient d'arriver. Vous n'êtes pas près de me revoir.

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