Could I possibly be a model now or maybe when I'm a little older?? I'm 14?

So if you happend to read and answer my last question about my sisters friend wanting to model and her height...well I got to talking to her after and she said I could possibly model. So here I am of coarse all interested on what you guys have to say. So me, well I'm 14 and I just measured myself and updated my height (havnt remembered my height since i was 5'4 lol) So I'm now 5'6. And here is what I look like:

So do I look like I could possibly model!? Oh and what are some requirements for bing a model for like Ford and Elite and agencies like that?? (I live about 1 hour away from their buildings in Miami)??

thx guys!!

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    unfortunately, the link to your photo is not working for me. however, here are some requirements to be any type of model.

    The 98/2/2 Rule

    The 98/2/2 Rule is quite simple. 2% of aspiring models go on to become models. Of that 2%, only 2% will reach that vaunted level of modeling on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, and New York, for top designers such as Christian Dior or Prada.

    Aim for the top. But understand that modeling, just like all other professions on Earth, have varying levels of success.

    A Model Height

    Taller is better. Five feet, 8 inches tall is about the minimum height than a model can have for top fashion modeling careers in New York, Paris and Milan. In reality, supermodels are taller than at—6 feet or more.

    No, there is no discrimination at work here. The simple fact of the matter is that taller models display clothes better than shorter models. Fashion designers can cut larger articles of clothing for larger people, resulting in a better display of their product on the small screen or in small magazine pictures.

    Body Types the Modeling Industry Prefers

    Weight is a very touchy subject for most models. In general, models need to be quite slim in proportion to their height in order to fit into the types of clothing that designers want them to wear. Think: about 10 or 15 pounds less than recommended weight for your height.

    35 inches is about the maximum for hip measurements, and then take it down another 10 inches for waist measurement. For adult females, breasts also not large, unless the type of modeling you are intending to do depends on an ample bosom.

    Do not go out and begin to lose weight to become a model.

    Ultra-Skinny? The Tide is Turning

    For decades, “the skinnier, the better” was the motto. Aspiring models would do anything to lose weight—even endangering their health with extreme dieting, bulimia, or anorexia.

    But slowly attitudes are changing. The fashion industry has begun to come to grips with the notion that not all women are 6 feet tall and 102 pounds. Not only that, but in 2006 Spain made the shocking declaration that it would no longer allow overly thin models on the catwalk.

    The pronouncement from the government of Spain caused the modeling industry to re-examine its direction and its goals. Now, “ultra skinny” is no longer the exclusive body type preferred in the fashion world.

    Preferred Model Clothing Sizes

    Fashion models should be no less than a women’s size two to no larger than women’s size six.

    Model Age Range

    For high fashion (i.e., the “catwalk in Milan” type of fashion), the typical age range for fashion models tends to be from age 12 to 22, with the majority of the models being around 16 are 17 years old.

    Model Hair and Skin

    The two most important aspects for any model—supermodel or not—is the hair and skin.

    It is hard for us to overstate this fact. In case you aren’t understanding us, let us repeat: Hair and skin!

    Your hair must be flawless and impeccable. Your skin must be flawless and impeccable.

    No, there is no preferred skin type or color. But whatever your type and color, your skin must be smooth, dry, free of flaws, and taut.

    Hair must be shiny, healthy-looking, and not overly long.

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    I think you could indeed be a model. :]

    You are beautiful without the need of makeup, therefore you'll be easier to work with.

    I say go and reach for your dreams if it's what you truly want.

    Source(s): Experience, modeled before.
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    Maybe it's just me, but that link leads to a sign in page.

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    The picture didn`t show up for me :S

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