Why do people care so much about other people's lifestyle?

I mean it doesn't affect them. Like why do people care about people's sexual orientation, opinions, if he/she is a virgin, music tastes, beliefs, background, views on life, feelings, etc? I am straight but I just wanted to put sexual orientation out there.

It's like since I have different views on life, I am completely wrong...everything I say is wrong and I'm tired of this..

Explain? Do people realize the only purpose in life is to live for years and then die? That is the only thing we all do have in common. We have a choice to make something out of our lives. Then again, I am probably "wrong". Maybe I just hate society and people annoy me. Maybe I am selfish and should live in a cave far away from this place. I try so hard to hide my anger so I just go with the flow even when I am really annoyed with most of the people around me, I just go with the jokes and laughter. I try to be like the "other guys", but I am easily annoyed and sensitive but I'm afraid to admit it in person. Some people get on my case that I see the world differently, listen to only metal, screamo, hard rock, etc, and of what I wear. After all why should I care about people's lives? Explain why the years are passing by and society is still the same old sh*t hole? Can anyone make assumptions of this?

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  • radish
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    Good Question: the social construction of the modern 'self' and now the 'late modern self'' has been the focus of sociological discusion and research since Durkheim, and Weber ..ie at least. for 120 years in sociology , and ,in philosophy and religion, for more than four thousand years. So you are pursuing an ongoing concern. Moreover you are laying out the groundwork of your specific focus within this key topic:

    -sexuality as a key site of social control

    -life style in terms of forms of entertaiment and consumption

    -social pressure to conform

    -the balances between social continuities and social change and what underpins these proecesses of stability and change

    and in this focus you are exactly replicating the approaches of the classic sociologists. So you might be interested in

    A. this recent sereis of lectures (presented as video productions) that were produced by the BBC in thier series ''the Centruy of the Self' just couple of years ago. These researchers focus on your own concern with our current, late modern consumer, society and 'consumerist selves' and how the are continualy being constructed nd reconstructed.

    www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/documentaries/.../century_of_the_self.shtml -

    B Foucault the French social philsopher for his influeniail approach(1960s) to the construction of the modern social self,

    nb both of these approaches pay especial attention to the underlying power of the different forms of social control of sexuality and their differential effects on our 'everyday selves'

    C. Durkheim


    and Weber,


    for their , early 20th century, analyses of the social construction of modernity and the modern 'self''

    D. Symbolic Interractionsists: why our 'self' is always a 'looking glass self'' thus always attached to others' image of 'me'


    E. Engles: on the connections between the form of political economy and control over sexuality, especially women's sexuality, their hisotrical development from feudalism to our 'modern' form of political economy.


    ps As you've probably noticed your questions cover the whole of a three year course on sociology So well done. the ability to ask good sociological questions is a gift.

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  • Carlos
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    9 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I only care how I'm treated. That concept escapes 99 percent of people.

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  • 9 years ago

    bc they have no life of their own

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