Hard/easy AP classes?

I took AP Human Geography last year which was pretty easy. I'm taking AP European History this year and it's considered one of the hardest classes in my school simply because of all the information that needs to be learned in such a short time, and the fact that it's pretty specific when it comes to details. I really like it though-- This class helped me realize my love for history :)

But next year, I'm taking...

AP Biology

AP US History

AP English 11

Alg II/Trig

AP Psychology

AP Art History

AP Comparative Government and Politics

French V

I'm actually pretty excited to be honest-- AP Bio will be fun (love biology) and History (love history :P) and I'll love AP Psych and Art History. AP comparative maybe maybe not. But I'm wondering is these classes are considered "hard" or not? thanks. and not just the ones im taking but others too

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    10 years ago
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    AP Psych, AP Art History and AP US History are definitely the easiest. I'm getting a 97 in AP Psych and barely do any HW (you have to study though). AP English and French are pure torture though, I wish I never took them :( I wound up switching out of AP English cause it was too hard. I took AP government, and some of it is quite interesting, but I not going to lie, a lot of it is boring. I wound up getting an 85 for the semester. All math is easy for me, so I can't really comment about Algebra 2/Trig

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  • 10 years ago

    As taught at my school:

    AP Biology is a pretty difficult AP course.

    AP US History is one of the easiest.

    AP English is one of the most difficult.

    AP Comparative is pretty difficult if you don't know anything about govt and whatnot.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I'm not in AP U.S. History, but I've heard that that's one of the hardest classes to take. I'm currently in AP Biology. It's really challenging..but so far not totally overwhelming.

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  • sum1
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    10 years ago

    AP Bio - harder

    APUSH - harder

    AP English - harder

    AP Psych - easier

    AP Art History - easier

    AP Gov. - easier

    Source(s): http://www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff/factsheet... this doesn't apply unless you're applying to UK universities, but it gives you an idea of the difficulty level
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  • 10 years ago

    In my opinion, they are only hard if you don't dedicate yourself to the classes. They are VERY time consuming and monotonous sometimes.

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