i need some new music on my ipod, HELPP!?

whats some good music? perfer country or a song that has a good meaning to it. no rap please.

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  • zynjen
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    10 years ago
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    "Them Boys" Brantley Gilbert

    "I'll Sing About Mine (The Tractor Song)" Brian Keane

    "Something About Your Way" Shane Martin

    "I Miss You Bad" Kason Layne

    "Eye Candy" Curtis & Luckey

    "Forever And A Kiss" Mario Flores

    "Freedom Don't Come Free" David Chamberlain

    "Crazy Girl" Eli Young Band

    "Bleed Red" Ronnie Dunn

    "A Better Life" Clint Black

    "I'd Love To Be Your Last" Gretchen Wilson

    "When I Say Too Much" Aleyce Simmonds

    "Truck Stop Girl" J R Williams Feat. Bill Chambers

    "Dirty With A Southern Drawl" Jesse & Noah Bellamy

    "I'm A Little Bit Lonely" Lisa Mchugh

    "I'm Not Gonna Cry" Libby Mcgrath

    "If Only" Bryan Cole

    "Highway Patrol" Los Pacaminos

    "Ain't Learned Nothin'" Jery Sereda

    "Not My Time To Fly" Tori Darke

    "Bitter And Sweet" Mackayla Hunter

    "Heartache" Jamey Johnson

    "Together Anything's Possible" Darius Rucker

    "Not That Girl" Brinn Black

    "Pure Love" Phatjak

    "The Court Of Love" Rhonda Vincent

    "I Bought It" Craig Campbell

    "Don't Grow Up Too Fast (if I Had A Little Sister)" Daisy Mallory

    "No Place Like Home" Joe Zelek Band

    "Let A Country Boy Love You" Jon Wolfe

    "Buttercup" Lucinda Williams

    "Coal Minin' Man" Roys

    "A Little Less Comfortable" Carter's Chord

    "Taken A Lovin' To Ya" Tayler Lynch

    "I Want A Man That Can Dance" Star De Azlan

    "Look Back To Texas" Nick Verzosa Feat. Noble Vision

    "Good On The Inside" Chuck Allen Floyd

    "Never Say Never" Jerry Audley

    "Hank On The Radio" Bobby Dean

    "I'm Doing Alright" Jacob Lyda

    "Georgia Mud" Joanna Smith

    "Something Better" Dirt Drifters

    "One Day Closer" Jeff Bates

    "Folsom Prison Blues" Nathan Stanley

    "Old Rock Church" Brice Beaird

    "Everything" Summerfield

    "I'll Be There" Blake Henderson

    "Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk" Colt Ford & Kevin Fowler

    "As Time Goes By" Matthew Huff

    "Tomorrow Is Gone" Charlie Montague

    "Colder Weather" Zac Brown Band

    "Christmas In The Country" Shane Chisholm

    "Hold Me Close Tonite (A Soldier's Song)" Special Guests

    "Love Don't Run" Steve Holy

    "Hardcore Country" Mickie James

    "Whatever It Takes" Dj Miller

    "You Lie" Band Perry

    "One Little Boy" Stephanie Urbina Jones

    "Swinging From The Chandeliers" Roger Creager

    "Can I Get An Amen" Andy Griggs

    "I Won't Let Go" Rascal Flatts

    "Heart Like Mine" Miranda Lambert

    "Just Be" Jeremy Arno

    "Shepherd" Jaymie Jones

    "Ready... Set... Gone!" Billy Kay

    "One Horse Town" Jeff Scott Stevens Feat. Lauren Brancato

    "Spirit Of Christmas" Jessica Ridley & Chris Cline

    "Nobody's Coming Around" Edwina Hayes

    "Red Wagon" Jaycie Ward

    "What Are They Leaving With?" Greg Gilbert

    "Back To Harlan" Jon Fox

    "Ryanair Blues" Rory Gallagher

    "We Play Country Music" Garet Johnson

    "Painted Me Blue" Tiffany Jo Allen

    "Alone On Christmas" Stephen Cochran

    "Return To Me" Ashley Robertson

    "A Love That's Alive" Katie Tuck

    "Gettin' Tired Of Losing You" Janice Maynard

    "Bassman Like The Jordanaires" Dave Sheriff

    "Someday Came Today" Chris Pine

    "Redneck Town" Brittany Reed

    "I Won't Untie The Ribbons" Shavonne Conroy

    "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" Trace Adkins

    "Five More Minutes" Granger Smith

    "Beautiful Waste Of Time" Fred Andrews & Honeybrowne

    "Girls In The Summertime" Peter Mcwhirter

    "7 & 7" Turnpike Troubadors

    "Love Made A Liar Out Of Me" South Of Eden

    "Angels In The Snow" Marthia Sides

    "Save Your Cookies For Me" Danielle Car

    "Can't Shake Jesus" Ricky Skaggs

    "Merry Christmas Baby" Jessica Simpson & Willie Nelson

    "Fight For Me" Crystal Shawanda

    "When You Have A Child" Reba Mcentire

    "Sweet Watermelon Girl" Weston James

    "Rope A Cowgirl" Markus Meier

    "Women Like Me Don't Like Girls Like You" Amber Lawrence

    "Better Than Leaving" Tenielle

    "Girly Girl" Courtney Conway

    "It's Gonna Be Ok" Adam Brand

  • rhoan
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    4 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    Uhh some George strait or clay walker or Billy currington

    Or I really like "what this woman needs" by SHeDaisey.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    bobby brackins - dont let me go

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