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Anybody else starting to see a dangerous pattern of crimes by illegals becoming more of an every day matter ?

A suspect in two killings in Hannibal will go on trial Monday, but a judge ruled that some evidence will not be allowed.

Thirty-four-year-old Manuel G. Cazares is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and armed criminal action in the stabbing deaths of his former girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda R. Thomas, and 25-year-old C. Patrick Epley. They were found dead Feb. 28, 2009, at her Hannibal home.

St. Charles County Judge Nancy Schneider ruled Thursday that the jury can't be told that Cazares is an illegal immigrant or that Thomas had taken out three orders of protection against him.

The Hannibal Courier-Post reports that Cazares' attorney argued that information would be prejudicial, and prosecutors did not object.

On Wednesday, Sanchez, 21, an illegal immigrant, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison with 17 years suspended. After serving his prison term, he will be deported.

OMAHA (KPTM)- Just a few days after charges were dropped against an illegal immigrant police say stole from Vandlerei Szczepanik, murder charges have been filed.

Valdeir Gonclaves-Santos is charged with three counts of First Degree Murder.

He along with Jose Oliveria-Coutinho and Elias Lourenco-Batista were originally charged with theft after police discovered more than $4,000 belonging to a bank account of the Szczepanik family was missing.

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    its so prevalent in arizona its become second nature.the liberal news media here refuses to identify if its an hispanic no less if they are illegal. when a crime is being reported they don't what to offend a certain group of our society due to being politically correct,however if its a white or black criminal we are not only informed about that we get the age the type of cloths he or she was wearing and the color of their eye's . the media may think they are putting one over on us but as soon as they say a crime has been committed like a robbery and do not mention the perp's description its a given he or she is hispanic and most likely an illegal one at that.oh and 90% of the time we get no description of the criminal and that in it self speaks volumes

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    You ever be conscious that those claiming that racial profiling isn't a controversy understand they are going to never be the objective of this legislations? So i think they have a factor. All this rhetoric approximately united states of america of america this and united states of america of america that. yet each and all of the collectively as advocating the infringement of rights of their fellow people. interesting to assert the least. needless to say now the recent tactic is that some long lost memo supplies the authority it is called for interior the recent regulation. How precisely does a memo supersede surely legislations? yet yet another interesting ploy. very such as how before the regulation became handed Governor Brewer and Co. stated that it became Constitutional and allowed for no racial profiling. properly the regulation has already been amended. Now why amend a regulation that became perfect in the beginning? My well-liked is how the recent regulation mirrors federal regulation. Then why the ought to bypass new legislations? Why no longer enforce what's already there? ought to or no longer that is that the recent regulation would not mirror federal regulation as claimed. i think that is neither here nor there. particularly the homicide of Mr. Krentz says all of it. No witness', no data that it became an unlawful immigrant or drug smuggler for that rely. For all all of us realize it could have been a Minute guy that felt that they were forgotten. observed Mr. Krentz as an hardship-free purpose and the thank you to convey lower back relevancy to their reason. lower back that is neither here nor there. there is not any such animal as a victimless crime. And the enactment of the recent regulation will teach that. Stomping on the rights of people to coach a political factor is a criminal offense. The victims would be the people that at each turn will ought to teach they have a top to be here.

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    They are emboldened by their supporters who tell them they have rights in the United States, and by politicians who protect them. The supporters can keep lying about the illegals "living in the shadows," but try telling that to someone who is a victim of a crime committed by an illegal.

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    No. I think crimes by illegals were always an everyday matter.

    It's easy to find a pattern in random events if you are looking for one. To prove a pattern you must compare things.

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