Buying steam games at lower price ?

I have a steam friend and he is "buying" me games for lower price.

He gifted me a 60 $ game and asked for 10$.

I have met him in person and gave him the money. I bought 5 games so far and they all work.


i know that he is not just generous , he is somehow exploiting , buy HOW?


Reply @Mick O'Hea

Yes , i think his brother is somehow getting keys

If you need to know he sold me black ops for 1 000 (Serbian) dinars/RSD or $13.0787

monday night combat & bbc2 for 19.6181

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  • 9 years ago
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    Steam games sell for different prices in different territories. Maybe he's got an account registered somewhere with a lower cost of living where they're selling them cheaper?

    Another alternative is that he's buying keys from a bulk reseller somewhere, though again, a lot of them buy them from countries where they're cheaper and then sell them online.

    There have been reports of Steam cracking down on these resellers by banning keys used outside the territory they were intended for, but I don't know if there's any truth in that.

    The other possibilty is that he's buying boxed versions of the games, either in retail or on e.g. ebay. They sometimes go cheaper there than on steam. But $10 for a $60 game sounds very cheap

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  • 9 years ago

    Some times steam has super sales, like during christmas games were up to 80% off. Game cracking is very private over a big network like steam, so those who pirate games on that, have to keep them for themselves, or risk heavy fines and legal trouble.

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