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would you stop liking a guy if?

my friends dont like the guy i like hes in grade 8 and im in Grade 9 were both in jr high my friends call him fat and ugly whenever i like someone younger,same age or older my friends hate no matter what my other friend likes a grade 8 guy and they dont say crap my other friend is dating a guy the same age as us and they dont even talk to him and they still dont say crap i just want my friends to stop hating on me what should i do i actually care bout this guy only one of my friends is cool with it she only cares that im happy and that's it she said she would only hate him if he was a dick to me

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    Well good to know you have one true friend somewhere in there.

    As for the other ones You can tell them Pce out im gonna go hang out with my man.Who are they to tell you who looks bad and who to fall for i think there just jealous of you move on without them and like whoever you want its your life live it the way you want to.

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    I don't like guys, period. I'm a guy. But, yes, I would stop liking him for acting like that.

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