Can some1 help me figure out the name of this movie?

It's about a girl name Nikki, she has a recital & is mad because her dad can't make it. On their way home they have an accident & she's thrown out the window & dies. Somehow she appears as a black bird and this bird has a pink ribbon, which apparantly she used. She had a little sister too, she's like haunting her family or something. I was 11 or so when I watched this & didn't speak English. I would really like to watch it now to understand all of it. Can someone please help me out?


I should probably mention that I watched this around 1997 :)

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    They (original title) or They Watch (video title), aka Children of the Mist (1993)

    IMDb synopsis:

    A man (Patrick Bergin) that is unable to express himself emotionally, loses his eleven-year-old daughter Nikki in a car accident after missing her performance in a ballet due to his over-ambitious job dictates. Gradually his guilt becomes worse, threatening his relationship with his wife (Mahaffey) and second, younger daughter. He 'stumbles' onto a blind woman (Vanessa Redgrave) who has the gift of being a seer, as well her country home is occupied with the lost souls of children, including the man's daughter, and he finds himself having to work through his feelings in this setting.

    Nancy Moore Atchison plays the role of Nikki Samuels.

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    Sounds like a Twilight Zone or Night Gallery show.

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