what episode in three's company did joyce dewitt wearing a very short cocktail dress?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Joyce's best outfits of each season (surely the one you're looking for is included) ..some are the same but always worth a second look:)

    "episode name" (what's she's wearing)

    Season 1

    only 6 episodes nothing here

    Season 2

    "Alone Together" (black exercise outfit)

    "Home Movies" (bikini)

    "Jack's Uncle" (bikini top)

    Season 3

    "Helen's Rendezvous" (pink tennis skirt)

    "The Catered Affair" (waitress outfit)

    "Good Old Reliable Janet" (blue shorts)

    "The Best Laid Plans" (white nightie)

    Season 4

    "Love Thy Neighbor" (red nightshirt and red underwear)

    "The New Landlord" (blue shorts)

    "Larry Loves Janet" (black floral dress)

    "Mighty Mouth" (burgundy shorts)

    "Jack's Graduation" (black dress)

    Season 5

    "A Crowded Romance" (light blue shorts)

    "Janet's Secret" (purple nightie, burgundy jeans)

    Season 6

    "Jack Bares All" (dark blue jeans.. in many other episodes as well)

    "Terri Makes Her Move" (Jack spills drink on Janet's thighs.. she stands up on sofa and dives over..nice butt shot..haha)

    "Some of that Jazz" (black dancing outfit)

    "Critic's Choice" (red nightshirt)

    "Janet Wigs Out" (black dress)

    Season 7

    "Cousin Cuisine" (light blue shorts)

    "The Brunch" (black swimsuit)

    "Larry's Sister" (black exercise outfit)

    "The Apartment" (red nightshirt and red underwear)

    Season 8

    "Out on a Limb" (blue dress)

    "Now You See It, Now You Don't" (pink shorts, waitress outfit)

    "The Charming Stranger" (pink shorts)

    "Janet Shapes Up" (black exercise outfit)

    Source(s): seen and own every episode
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Joyce Dewitt Bikini

  • Robin
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    To me it would be common sense to wear a short black dress. You would be a lot more comfortable in a shorter dress. Plus you can dress it up with jewelry and accessories. A long dress just might be too formal, I mean you are going as a guest, not a performer. Anyhow, have a blast, I am so jealous. Congrats!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Janet was the hottest on the show anyway!!!

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