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    Dear Xxxx, Many thanks for your phone call of today. In the phone conversation you mentioned that you would send us the logo

    today, and that we would ask the factory to endeavor making the sample

    available for you before Chinese New Year holidays. Besides, please provide us with shipping marks, side marks, and proforma

    invoice etc. altogether so that we can make necessary arrangements right

    after we resume work from CNY holidays without delaying your schedule. Currently we do not have 10gm sifter which, if you need, requires to open

    a mold. If the target quantity hits an economical level, I will suggest the

    company open the mold on our own account. Please confirm if the sifter

    style follows the two samples I sent you earlier. Best regards, Xxxx Xxx

    2011-01-29 17:51:20 補充:

    國貿中offer一字多只用於報價而非提供, 多看英語人士的書信便可印證.

    提供可使用provide, furnish, render等字

    offer you the sample意思偏向於對樣品報價給你, 而非提供樣品.

    2011-01-29 18:08:56 補充:


    provide sb. with sth.

    furnish sb. with sth.

    注意: 漏了with就是錯誤


    provide sth. for/to sb

    furnish sth. + to sb. 或 for sth.

    2011-01-29 18:15:37 補充:

    back on Feb 1 與at Febuary在這裡都是錯誤用法, 前者不可用於未來, 後者介系詞用錯.

    mould/moulding = mold/molding

    moulding cost正確; open the moulding for you錯誤(正確是mould/mold).

    2011-01-29 18:21:24 補充:

    新年假期不會只有一天, 不可用單數holiday.

    商業書信要避免縮寫的you'd, we'd, we'll, don't, can't, wouldn't,....等等.

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    嘜頭大多指正嘜, 除非必要通常並不刻意顯示側嘜(批號.色號.尺碼.淨毛重....等)於文件上

    所以正嘜就是shipping marks, 而不必稱為front marks.

    側嘜則是side marks, 雙方聯繫用.

    Source(s): 國貿資深實務經驗
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    安安^^ 試譯如下,如有問題可以再修正:

    1. 感謝你的來電!



    >> Dear XXX,Thanks for the call.You mentioned in the call that you’d send us the logo today and, in that case, we’d inform the factory to try their best to offer you the sample before the Chinese New Year Holiday begins.In addition, please provide us the front marks, side marks and Proforma Invoice so that once we resume to work at February, we’ll make necessary arrangements to facilitate the process. ※ 正側嘜(mark) → 標註在carton上有關產品的相關資料註記※ PI → Proforma Invoice (形式上發票)

    2. 我目前是沒有10gm的旋轉內塞(sifter),如需要的話要開模,那不知道你的數量呢?如你數量多一點,我可以幫你跟公司爭取看開模,內塞(sifter)款示都是照我寄給你的那兩個對吧!>> Currently we don’t have 10gm sifter.If there is a need to open a mold for that, what’s your order quantity?We’ll suggest to our company to open the mold for you if the order quantity could be higher.As to the sifter style, would it be identical to the two samples I previously sent to you? With regards,XXX

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    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for calling.

    As per our conversation over the phone, please send us the logo today in order that our factory can rush you the samples before Chinese New Year.

    Meanwhile, in order to make the shipment as schduled, please provide us front mark, side mark and proforma invoice as soon as possible so that we can arrange the production once we start working back on Feb 1.

    Regarding swivelling sifter, 10gm is not available currently. May I know your estimated quantity? If the quantity is big enough to cover the moulding cost, we can consider to open the moulding for you. Please confirm the sifter style is same as per the one we sent you.

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