Undertaker fans, do u realize Randy Orton is the only man who uses his Undertaker feud push to its fullest?

I mean, look at the others:

1. Giant Gonzales = The match became his worst match ever. Gonzales quit the company before the year even ended. And Gonzales was picked over Hogan to face him at Wrestlemania 9 too.

2. King Kong Bundy = He was picked over Bret Hart to push him back to main event scene. Look what happened?

3. Kane = A meteoric rise in 1998 to a main event status....before Kane himself decided to dwell in the mid-card scene from 1999 to 2001 and finally becoming full fledged jobber from 2002 to 2009. Winning the world title again in....2010, that's 12 years of jobbing. Unwise.

4. Big Boss Man = Picked over Mankind to face Taker at Mania 15 in order to push him to main event status. Until now the match remains to be the worst Hell In A Cell match ever and the only Taker WM match to receive 'boring!' chants from the fans. Even Taker himself was reportedly upset over the quality of the match. Until his death, Boss Man never touched more than the lower mid-card scene.

5. Maven = .....sorry, I don't have the heart to say it.

6. Lesnar = Where is he 2 years after Taker pushed him?

7. A-Train = Where is he a year after The Streak push at Wrestlemania 19?

8. FBI = A huge mid-card feud against Taker at 2003....where were they one year after the push?

9. Heindenrich = Where is he six months after the grand push Taker gave him?

10. Kennedy = See number 6.

11. Mark Henry = Picked over Benoit & Angle to face Taker at WM 22 in order to push him to the main event status. The match turned out to be the worst Casket match of all time. To make it worse, Henry admitted he could care less of the push cause he did it only for money. Till today, still dwelling in lower-mid card scene on RAW.

12. The Great Khali = Eh....do I even need to say anything about this?

13. Kozlov = ........

To those who wonder why MANKIND didn't make it to the list...errr....he was already a huge name in ECW before he came to WWE. I'm sure the feud with Taker cemented his place on the main event scene, but it's not like he was a rookie when he faced Taker. It's kinda like what The Rock did to Goldberg (cementing other's promotion main eventer in WWE's main event scene). The feud was huge, but Mick was by no means a lower mid-carder when he faced Taker.

Back to the biz, look at Orton, after having what may very well be the finest Wrestlemania performance in his career to date thanks to the help of Undertaker and rocketing the credibility of The Streak to the moon & nails it there, he uses his push to the full extent, winning more than 5 world titles, winning Royal Rumble, main eventing Wrestlemania, and becoming the biggest or the second biggest name in WWE all in the span of 5 years as well as winning a Feud of The Year award once. Now THAT's a good use!!


BQ: Do u think Wade Barrett will follow Orton's path....or the other 14 men's path (FBI consisted of two members)?

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    9 years ago
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    Just wrestling Undertaker at wrestlemania won't automatically make anyone a automatic main eventer, they have to have the attitude and the talent to excell from facing Taker, at anytime but especially wrestlemania.

    It's reasons like this I asked a bit ago about booking solutions, is a wrestler pushed to be made to look good? Or pushed because he is good?

    I don't think every one of Taker's opponents were necessarily in for a push to begin with, alot of his mania matches were card fillers because Vince didn't have the balls to book an established main eventer against Taker to lose, and its evident today with Cena never facing him.

    You're exactly right about Orton, sure he was a former world champion when he faced Taker at Wrestlemania but he won the title before he hit puberty so to speak, he was still developing. His legend killer persona really gave the streak importance, it brought into respective how important and significant the streak it just by having its legend killed really before it was appreciated and its that mentality that made the match the most important Undertaker match of his career, and for Orton also because fans set their heart on the legend killer ending the streak so much that there was actual relief when Taker won, the fans still had time to appreciate the legend that is the streak, and Orton? He was the one who almost took that away... That created alot of heat between Orton and the fans and Randy obsorbed the heat & with it, finally reached puberty in that figure of speech and the rest is history.

    The more fans care about the match emotionally the more the participants in the match will matter, and thats the biggest difference between his recent wrestlemania matches and his not so classic wrestlemania matches.

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  • dougan
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    3 years ago

    The've been speakme approximately doing a different RKO vs The Undertaker fued practically ever seeing that they first began speakme approximately placing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on The Undertaker,but it surely might a strategy to preserve Randy Orton within the Main Event scene as soon as he finishes matters up with Triple H & the WWE Championship,considering the fact that i heard that they do not have some other gigantic plans for him correct now.

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  • 9 years ago

    What about Edge?

    He took it to Taker at 'Mania and had some great matches with him throughout the year.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Turn off your tv & Go find a Girl

    orton's Legs Are S3xii

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