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Canada? Who thinks they won the war of 1812?

A recent question posed seem to imply Canada slayed their neighbor to the south. Really? I'd like to read that text book. Although negotiation were underway on a peace treaty, I believe the resounding defeat of the British at the Battle of New Orleans was the final chapter in that war. What say you Canadians?


Can't believe the claim Canadians burned Washington D.C. It was a British Navy flotilla sailing up the Chesapeake Bay and dropping anchor- Where did the Canadians come from? If so were they part of the retreating forces chased out of Baltimore?

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    If you take a close look at the final outcome it no way can be said that it was an American victory considering none of their war aims were achieved.

    Besides, if your conclusion of victory is based on the result of the "final chapter" of the war then the American disaster and ultimate surrender at Fort Bowyer after being attacked by a much smaller British force three weeks after New Orleans (these British troops had fought at New Orleans too) then surely, by your own reckoning, the laurels rest with the anglo-canadians.

    However, there is no mistaking that the war came close to becoming a major victory for the anglo-canadians. The peace terms imposed on the Americans could have been very harsh considering at the end of the war British and Canadian forces held large parts of north east America; the Royal Navy had arrived in massive force and could block any port in America and land large armies anywhere they pleased along the eastern seaboard. While the Americans had an excellent navy with superbly made ships, crewed by very competent men, it was tiny compared to the British one. For example, the largest American ships had 40-50 guns whereas the largest British ships would have 90-100, and they had over a hundred of these monsters plus a further 500 ships of other various sizes. The Royal Navy would remain patrolling US coastal waters for the next 100 years until the outbreak of WWI.

    The fact that the Americans were being stopped from trading with Europe (mainly France) by the British was one of the main causes of the war. However, the Americans in the North East were still eagerly trading with Britain and really did not want any war. In an ironic twist of fate the "Rebels" of the Revolution turned into the "Loyalists" of 1812. During the war the towns along the New England coast still maintained a steady trade with Britain, even selling them timber for their ships and supplies for their crews, Even after the Royal Navy arrived and blockaded the ports English ships were still allowed though and continued to trade The southern states were more pro-war due in part to the fact they had the new recently purchased non-English states/colonies in their ranks. Louisiana being a prime example, where the Battle of New Orleans took place - the main reason why many Americans believe the war was an ultimate victory for the US; despite it taking place after the peace had been signed and as per the revolution much of the American Militia being made up of former French colonists.

    Thankfully for all concerned the British had just finished an 18 year war with the French and were more concerned with getting out of America and using the hard won peace to expand their Empire and the former American colonies cost them more money than they could ever recoup, even when the colonists behaved themselves. Plus, with the defeat of France the need to stop anyone trading with europe was removed, as such the peace terms were very generous to the US.

    All sides finally sat down and agreed a border between the USA and Canada, which still remains to this day; and as a thank you for the support of the people in the ports of the north eastern seaboard the British allowed them fishing rights in the St Lawrence river, which was a great help as at the time since fishing stocks off the coast of New England were shrinking.

    The main thing for America was the fact that this was a lesson learnt. Because of the confidence gained from the War of Independence, the US had been thinking it was strong enough to deal as equals with the European superpowers of the time and that it could rely on France or Spain to help them. The War was a serious wake up call - they could not take on the British alone without several other European countries willing or able to help them. Consequently America remained silent and kept out of British view for for almost a century.

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    The treaty was signed when the battle of New Orleans was fought so it was a battle that didn't need to be fought. It was a collective oops and did not impact the war. Speaking as some one with a little knowledge of history I consider the war to be a draw. The Canadians say they won because the British army repulsed an American invasion and invaded the US and burnt Washington DC.

    The US government was successfully evacuated and escaped capture. Also the US Army burnt Toronto which was then called York.

    The British were in a catch 22 situation, they could not commit enough forces to beat the US since they were occupied with the Napoleonic wars. Any claims of victory by either side is uncalled.

    edit - Even though canada was not a country the real question to their role would be what percent of the British forces were militias and other units composed of local colonists vrs units from Britan. The US National guard traces their hetatage to the British milita units that faught in the french and indian war and not just the Revolution.

    edit I'm an American BTW

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    Funny fact... a lot of the soldiers fighting against the Americans were... wait for it... American! The new settlers were drawn to Canada with free land and lower taxes but the glory should go to the Native Bands and the British Regulars. Americans figured we actually wanted to be invaded and would welcome them. Surprise! Yes we burned down the White House in retaliation for Americans sacking York (Toronto now) but it was because the retreating Americans burned personal homes and not just military targets. Yes the biggest battle of the war was Lundy's Lane (we won), yes we were defeated in New Orleans (you won). Back and forth it went... In the end nobody gained or lost anything. Oh except the Natives, the Battle of the Thames broke apart Tecumseh's confederacy and without their English allies they lost their land and lives to America's expansion into the proposed "buffer states" for natives.

    So... America didn't gain the maritime rights and annexation of Canada they wanted, in fact everything went back to the way it was before the war because trade and economics were suffering for America. Washington was totally wrong on thinking the Americans in Canada would "throw off the British yoke of oppression". The whole exercise helped Canada discover it's identity. One more thing... The Battle of New Orleans took place two weeks after the treaty was signed, not while it was being negotiated, but news hadn't reached them yet.

    Who won? In the long run... Canada.

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    Why do American think they won the war of independence it was France that played the major role and it was a British colony not a separate country just like Canada so technically a bunch of French and British people kicked out the British

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    9 years ago

    the Battle of New Orleans was a post script, as it occurred after the war.

    Pretty much a push, since the treaty which settled the war had no major changes in territory. It is absurd to claim it as a victory for either side.

    The only losers were the Indian tribes.

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    9 years ago

    They go on and on about the burning of the white house never talk about the same British Gen Ross that invaded D C was shoot and killed on his failed attempt to take Baltimore a few weeks later.They don't talk about the burning of the city of York [Toronto] They don't talk about never mentioning their Indian allies in the peace treaty,which necessitated in tens of thousand having to flee into Canada after their lose today Canada has a much higher population of American indians than the U S. They don't talk about never asking for war reparation after we declared the war we invaded and burned a city to the ground

    As an aside these same troops that took a blood bath in New Orleans were the same troops and field commanders that help defeat Napoleon But to hear the Brits tell it they and they alone defeated Napoleon

    This was a shock to the Brits Few years after

    the war of 1812 the Brits Spain and France invaded Mexico the Brits sure left fast when we told them if was an act of war against the U S tell you anything?

    The Canadians say we wanted to take their land What the 60 mile wide strip were 80% of the Canadians live today? Look we had the whole west to take what in the hell did we want with the ice box. Which was filled with Americans we throw out after the war of 1776 because they were loyal to the king and tens of thousand of alcohol addicted indians as the British traded rum and guns with them

    If the British had won they would have demanded for war reparation just as they did in WW1 and tried to do in WW 2 They would have mentioned their indian allies A Jackson made mention of this when he ordered the Indian removal act ]trail of tears] as the Cherokees also sided with the British in the war of 1812 and were never mentioned as well

    If you want to read of real atrocities to the American indian read up on how the Canadians treated their former allies

    Also keep in mind how the brits talk of how we lost in Vietnam as we pulled out but they won the war of 1812 You bet cowboy you bet Their British that is the long and short of it

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    9 years ago

    All Canadians are taught that it was actually the Canadians that burnt down DC, not the Brits.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Here's a song about it. It is pretty standard of what Canadians learn in school. It's fascinating to see history from a different perspective isn't it.

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    I think its funny when canadians try and claim they won a war, 66 years before canada was even a country.

    That would be like saying, because Grogs tribe defeated Uggas tribe in 12,000 BC

    And grogs tribe just happened to be on the canadian side of the current border

    That canada defeated the US

    2. The US won the war of 1812, the US is the only side who achieved ALL of their political objectives

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    What's wrong yank? Can't admit it?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am Canadian. ***** England.

    Source(s): england hasnt been relevant to the world in about 200 years
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