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Why does TNA love stables?

It seems like they are unhappy with a roster without stables.

-Team Canada

-New Church





BQ: Who do you think the new they is?

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    Stables are the best way to find use for wrestlers. With the limited amount of time they can air wrestlers each week, its important they try to learn and utilize most of their talents. With stables, whether or not, the wrestlers wrestle or not, they are still getting involved and are appearing and that is why I think stables are so important in TNA. They have so many great talents, why leave them out because of the time limits. I'm not saying creating a bunch of stables is the best idea, but stables do allow more wrestlers to be involved. And its not just fr us, its for the wrestlers in TNA too, as they are paid by appearances, wrestling or not. So yeah. Limited time slot = more stable = more wrestlers being utilized.

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    Because stables have been popular draws for decades. Long before Vince McMahon "invented" them there were stables all over the wrestling business, and every promotion I watch has stables (except for the WWE). TNA has had stables from the very beginning of their existence. Stables can be chaotic and dynamic, and there are lots of possibilities for storylines and angles.

    TNA has stables because the fans want them.

    BQ: Angle, Steiner, Morgan, Crimson, and I believe, Foley, Sting and Nash. I imagine RVD will join sometime soon, as well.

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    Stables were a cornerstone of wrestling when it was awesome. Look back at the 1980's WWF, one had Heenans Family, Blassies Stable, Hart Foundation, etc. The AWA had Sheik Adnan El Kassie. Florida had Sullivans Army of Darkness and House of Humperdink. WCCW had Freebirds, Von Erichs, Gary Harts Stable, and Ackbars Army. JCP had the legendary Four Horsemen, Paul Jones Army, and Varsity Club.

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    There hasn't been a stable i haven't liked, the new church being my favourite.

    I thought it had been confirmed that the new they were members from the MEM...

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    the new THEY are gonna be like the new MEM. not sure if they will be called by that but im pretty sure angle, crimson, steiner, and the rest of those who return next week will all create the new MEM.

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    Stables add a lot of depth to a company.

    Everyone likes waring factions.

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    They're using the ideas that WWE had back in the day (Attitude Era).

    The Ministry of Darkness

    The Corporation

    NWO (WCW, but still)

    The Brood


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    they is mafia duh after tonight's impact you should of seen that with the return of Steiner.

    sting and maybe nash/booker will be back next week to remake the main event mafia.

    probably with the additions of morgan Crimson and a few others just to tie the numbers of immortal.

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    Because they want to compete with The New Nexus and Borre......I mean Corre.

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    Because they think that it'll draw rating yet it's not getting them anywhere.

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