Why do electric cars look so bad?

I want to know why electric cars look so bad. There are some exeptions but more then 80% of them look like plastic box for soap in the bathroom. What is the purpose of making an ugly car if you want to sell it then.

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  • Jeff S
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    9 years ago
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    Weight, aerodynamics, and powertrain.

    Electric cars have to be light (relatively) and need to swim through the air, that's why they have much different styling vs your typical sedan. And the design of the vehicles needs to be able to accommodate the electric drive powertrain and batteries, and in some cases a generator. For example, this is why the Chevrolet Volt is a 2+2 style sedan the battery pack runs down the middle of the car.

    Right now it's hit or miss with modern electric/hybrid cars. The Chevrolet Volt is gorgeous. The Nissan Leaf follows the Nissan way of them making some gorgeous cars (370z/Altima Coupe) and some hideous cars (Quest, Sentra, Leaf). The Prius, though not an electric car does have a design that runs on the same concept. The Volt exterior design borrows from the Prius as does the Honda Insight, but I think the Volt pulls off the look much better than either of those vehicles.

    Anyway, with these cars, styling is probably going to second to the whole electric car thing anyway. If people cared about styling, no one would have bought a 1st or 2nd generation Prius. And no one will buy the Leaf if they are looking for a nice looking car.lol

  • 6 years ago

    The truth is quite simple, ask yourself, can it be a coincidence that not one of the car manufactures even today who make ev cars have made one that doesn't look disgusting. Bmw's ev is ugly as anything and bmw obviously have a history and reputation for aesthetic cars.

    Also, there is more room to work with without the petrol engine so in theory they should be sexier, lighter and more aesthetic.

    Ultimately, there is only one logical explanation. The car manufacturers do not want them to become popular and sell.

    Even hyrbid cars look better (notice they have a combustion engine*

    Why do you think the car company's were bailed out? Jobs? grow up. The oil company's obviously had huge profits to loose if petrol cars stop selling and they have about 90% of our governments on pay roll.

    I also suspect Kennedy was assassinated for this reason (yes they had electric car technology then, actually we as a society have had the tech since the 1900's and indeed people used to drive electric cars back then.

    Educate yourselves, Wake Up.

    • Julio O3 years agoReport

      HAHA i caught you. You commented 2x on this pretending to be different people. You basically said the exact same thing in different words HAHA.

  • 9 years ago

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What you call ugly can be a work of art to someone else.

    All modern cars have to consider aerodynamics to get the most out of your fuel dollar. I've noticed the nose of all of these new cars is beginning to look the same. It's getting hard to tell a Kia from a Toyota or a Nissan while standing in front of them.

    You will this trend get more pronounced in the future due to the new fuel economy regulations. Not just electric cars but all cars will have to get better aerodynamics. There aren't that many shapes that will slip trough the air with minimum drag.

    Also size and weight are the enemy of economy so cars are going to get smaller. These factors are even more important when you consider many electric cars run around on less energy than there is in single gallon of gas.

  • 3 years ago

    the reality is particularly straightforward, ask your self, can or not that is a twist of destiny that not between the automobile manufactures even proper this second who make ev autos have made one which would not look disgusting. Bmw's ev is gruesome as something and bmw for sure have a heritage and popularity for stylish autos. also, there is extra room to paintings with with out the petrol engine so in concept they must be sexier, lighter and extra aesthetic. finally, there is in undemanding words one logical clarification. the automobile producers do not want them to grow to be prevalent and promote. Even hyrbid autos look extra effective (be conscious they have a combustion engine* Why do you imagine the automobile organisation's were bailed out? Jobs? develop up. The oil organisation's for sure had wide income to loose if petrol autos end promoting and they have about ninety% of our governments on pay roll. I also suspect Kennedy became assassinated subsequently (sure they'd electric powered automobile technologies then, absolutely we as a society have had the tech because the 1900's and definitely human beings used to pressure electric powered autos back then. tutor yourselves, awaken.

    • Julio O3 years agoReport

      HAHA i caught you. You commented 2x on this pretending to be different people. You basically said the exact same thing in different words HAHA.

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  • Well without having to design airflow thru a radiator the front of the car needs little air channeling like to the brake rotors. Hence you get an ugly car. But goes 8 times cheaper per mile.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Aerodynamics are more important than style for car with such a limited useless range followed up by several hours of recharging. It means the difference between 75 miles on a charge and 40 miles on a charge.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They don't want to sell electric cars. Why would they? car manufacturers make so much money on dealer maintenance. And with an electric car that doesn't have a drop of oil in it theres nothing but wheels tires to rotate and change. Think of what that would do to the oil companies if there was no gas to be bought? There is a movie , well more of a documentary called " who killed the electric car" I highly recommend it to you and anybody who reads this. The technology is there and the electric car is far Superior to any internal combustion vehicle.

  • 9 years ago

    what decides the design of the car?, powerfull cars usually haves an agressive look, luxury cars have elegant looks, electric cars have their own look.. But not all look bad try checking out Tesla Roadster, not veery bad, but comes at a price.

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  • 9 years ago

    They have to be small and light and super aerodynamic to get the most range.

  • nick
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    9 years ago


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