What does "mi joi ah" mean in Vietnamese?

Pretty self explanatory..Translate "mi joi ah" into English from Vietnamese.. I don't know where the accents are..

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  • 10 years ago
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    Everyone knows that "joi" is not a Vietnamese word. But, Vietnamese young people / teenagers always use "j" instead of "gi" or "i". It makes them text / chat more quickly. "Ah" is not a Vietnamese word, either. It should be written as "à" or "á", it is used to express emotions. "joi", without tone mark, does not mean anything. "Joi" might be "giỏi", thus, your words mean "you are excellent". Or "joi" is used instead of "dối" (rarely used), hence, your words mean "you lie (which means 'you are a liar')". Furthermore, "mi" means "you", this is a way that people from Central of Vietnam use to address others.

    Source(s): I'm native.
  • 10 years ago

    joi isn't Vietnamese.

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