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What day will USAA pay?

We are new to USAA will we be paid tomorrow or Monday


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    USAA pays one day early. Since payday is the 1st, USAA will release the funds on Monday. Ours is always in our account when my husband leaves for work at 0530.

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    another note: nobody gets paid on wknds obviously. with that being said if the 15th is on a Saturday...others will get paid Friday and you "still" a day before, on Thursday regardless. as well, if the 15th is on a Monday you will get paid that Friday before.

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    yeah, are an idiot beyond all idiots. USAA is a common bank account widely used in the service. this question was properly placed as she was looking for answers from members of.

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    Melvyn is an idiot dont mind him, apparently he doesnt understand that USAA pays the military a day early which confuses some people.

    But yes it will be Monday

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    We use USAA or Pentagon FCU for almost each and every thing. USAA will pay a minimum of at some point in the past the 1st. while the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, often times we see the pay as early as Thursday. i'm hoping that helps! it may be there no later than Friday. Pentagon FCU has impressive very own loan expenditures for automobiles and such. good success!

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    tommoro or monday...lately usaa has been paying me on fridays if payday fall on a monday or tuesday and of course on a weekend

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    Probably be posted to your account Monday night sometime after midnight.

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