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who built the stone heads on easter island?

Iv always wondered but who built the stone heads on easter island. Were there indigenous people who built them. But if it were the indian tribes who came from South America, how the heck did they cross the ocean from South America.

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    When Roggeveen arrived, there were two tribes on the island. The first was the Ha-nau-aa-epe, which was distinct because of their long ears. They were tall, white-skinned with red hair and ca. two metres tall. The other tribe was the Ha-nau-mo-moko, which had short ears. Though it is assumed that the statues were created by the short-eared tribe, under the command of the long-eared people, portraying the latter, there was also a massacre of the long-eared people in 1760; apparently only three of them survived. The massacre is normally interpreted as a revolt of the short-eared people against their oppressive elite of the long ears.

    To others it's still a mystery

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    no one is familiar with for effective The Moai A Moai the huge stone statues, or moai, for which Easter Island is worldwide well-liked have been carved throughout a extremely short and extreme burst of ingenious and effective megalithic interest. Archeologists now estimate that ceremonial website shape and statue carving handed off usually between approximately advert 1100 and 1600, with some statues probable nevertheless being carved at relating to the time Jacob Roggeveen stumbled on the island. in accordance to contemporary archaeological examine 887 monolithic stone statues, called moai, have been inventoried on the island and in museum collections. This huge variety isn't very final, besides the undeniable fact that. The on-going statue survey maintains to ensue new fragments, and mapping in Rano Raraku quarry (see under) has documented greater unfinished statues than before typical. as properly, some statues integrated into ceremonial website shape particularly proceed to be to be uncovered. in spite of the fact that in many cases pointed out as "heads", the statues particularly are heads and complete torsos. some upright moai, besides the undeniable fact that, are transforming into buried as much as their necks via shifting soils. maximum moai have been carved out of a diverse, compressed volcanic ash or tuff discovered at a single website called Rano Raraku. The quarry there seems to have been abandoned without notice, with 0.5-carved statues left interior the rock. besides the undeniable fact that, on closer examination the development of use and abandonment is greater complicated. the main extensively-typical concept is that the statues have been carved via the ancestors of the well-liked Polynesian inhabitants (Rapanui) at a time whilst the island became usually planted with timber and materials have been ample, helping a inhabitants of 10,000-15,000 community Rapanui. maximum individuals of the statues have been nevertheless status whilst Jacob Roggeveen arrived in 1722. Captain James prepare dinner additionally observed many status statues whilst he landed on the island in 1774. via the mid-nineteenth century, each and all of the statues were toppled, probably in internecine wars.

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    The Easter Islanders. Simple as that.

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    look closely at the forheads IT WAS THE MEXICANS

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