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I Have A Madonna Question?

My aunt who is a hard-core Catholic doesn't like Madonna. Why? I see nothing wrong with her....

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    Many people dislike Madonna for many different reasons. One thing they have in common is that none of them really understand what Madonna does and tend to take everything she does in a literal way instead of taking it in a metaphoric ands symbolic way, which is Madonna's trademark.

    Like the song "Like a Prayer" where she sings a romantic love song to God and dances in front of burning crosses. That song is a mystical poem just like the ones that Saint John of The Cross wrote and the video contains elements from his poem, but nobody seems to notice that and just call her "blasphemous", which is totally wrong.

    Or when she was hanging from a cross like Jesus and singing "Live To tell". A lot of people were saying she wast just causing controversy, but she was actually delivering a beautiful message about being kind and generous as if we all were a little part of Jesus, and about saving the dying children of the world.

    Most people that criticize Madonna don't understand what they're criticizing.


    First: Madonna never promoted herself by using sex, she's very sexual, it's just the way she is.

    Second: Madonna never promoted sexual promiscuity. In fact she has said many times in her songs and interviews that promiscuity is not a good thing, and in many of her songs and videos she has promoted true love in opposition to promiscuity. Even in Like a Virgin she was singing about it and how true love can heal a worn out heart. In the video you can see her playing two characters, the whore and the virgin, and the lyrics of the song promotes true love. Also in the song Cherish, Justify My Love, and many other she was promoting safe sex and being honest with your sexual partner instead of lying or sleeping with anybody.

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    First, Madonna appeals to a crowd younger than I'm sure you're aunt is.

    Second, Madonna markets herself via sexual promiscuity. That is not looked upon highly by the religious.

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    You aunt is not alone regarding her dislike of Madonna.

    Maybe your aunt doesn't like the fact that Madonna, raised as a Catholic, is now a 'student' of Kabbalah.

    Madge's antics nowadays are a bit gag-worthy, given her age. I'm not being ageist, but the woman should learn to grow old gracefully and try to date guys who are only about twenty years younger than she is rather than thirty or forty!

    As you may have guessed, I am not a fan...:)

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    Madonna is quite controversial I suppose. If she's religious then that's probably why, have you seen the chlothes Madonna wears? Still love her though :L

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    madonna used a lot of sex appeal

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