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Can Google Account Administrators access my password?

Do you know if the administrators of google email accounts can somehow gain access to the user passwords? I know that the administrators can reset passwords, but is there a way to access the current one without reseting?

It's a long story, but I have reasons to believe that the administrator of my work email account gained access to my personal account-- and I just realized that my passwords for these two accounts are the same, which may be how he got it.


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    No, they cannot retrieve the passwords. In a secure password system, such as those used by Google, Yahoo, Banking sites and nearly all other major websites... it is not possible to recover passwords.

    I don't just mean that there is no option for administrators to access your password, I mean that your password is never stored in a database and it is simply not possible to retrieve it.

    This is because they use password hashes. When you created your password during sign-up, the server took that password, performed a complex mathematical algorithm on the password text and converted it into a hash, a string of characters that uniquely represents your password.

    Your original password cannot be recovered from the hash except through brute force, i.e. trying billions and billions of possible password combinations to find the one that produces the same hash, which would take an impossibly long time unless your password is very simple.

    When you login, the server again takes the password you just entered and converts it to a hash using the same algorithm as before. The hash of the password you just entered is then compared to the hash generated for your original password. If the hash is the same, it means you entered the same password and you can login successfully. Your actual password is never stored during this process and remains a secret to everyone but you.

    In summary, your Google Mail account manager could not possibly retrieve your password, nor could an employee of Google.

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  • demara
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    When we set up Windows, it routinely creates an account "Administrator" and units its password to clean. So when you've got put out of your mind your consumer account password then do this: Boot pc and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete two times whilst you See Windows welcome monitor / login monitor. It'll exhibit traditional login field. Now style "Administrator" (with out fees) in username discipline and depart password discipline clean, press Enter and also you must be capable to login Windows. Now you'll reset your account password from "Control Panel -> User Accounts". If it does not paintings, you're going to must create a home windows password reset disk via 3rd occasion program. Then do this: one million. Enter a pc that may hyperlink to Internet. Download a 3rd occasion application named home windows Password restoration Tool and set up it on that pc. Note that: there's a ISO photo dossier. Burn the dossier right into a CD or a USB flash force. two. Eject the created CD/USB and insert it into the locked pc. three. Reboot the locked pc (it is vital so that you can difference your pc's Setup to make it boot from CD force or USB force) after which adopted the method of recommendations. Just a couple of steps, the historic password was once eliminated. four. Now login Windows and set a brand new password.

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  • 9 years ago

    They can, I Don't think theyre supposed to. The account is not technically yours you just use it. Why would a google admin want to be in your email?? Mabye they mixed it up if you were getting support from them.

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